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I'm thinking this week might have a bit more interest than last week. I don't think I've voted for so many entries in at least a year. There's a lot of good stuff to choose from (though unfortunately most not in the fog so probably little chance of actually printing). My choice is:

Indian Pixie Chief by Randyotter

It seems like it's been quite a while since we've had a crazy colorful, abstract design with stuff going on all over the place. It's been long overdue in my opinion. I love the colors and they work really well together and on the white tee especially with the big print size.

What this makes me think of is if Aphte did a collaboration with Edgar (which I would love to see happen). It's centered enough on the fairy figure to look coherent, but still has enough varied elements to have to look at it for a long time to see everything that's going on. Really well done and I'd love to have a chance to purchase it.

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Curly cues

But my head hurts, so I'm not trying for even light commentary.


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mrwednesday wrote:I'm thinking this week might have a bit more interest than last week.

Honestly, I'm still not feeling it this week due to lots of external pressures.
Nevertheless, here is my choice for the week because I don't want to see this movement wither.This is just surreal and well executed and I dig it for that. My only problem is the's creme. I'd honestly rather have yellow, but it is what it is, and it is my choice this week.

move along


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I think this is a simple, fun design. By far my favorite bird shirt this week.