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My girlfriend said the shirt should have reindeer instead of hippopotabears. Then she realized they are polar bears.


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labrat0017 wrote:I hate the new shirts, and so I haven't bought any shirt woots in a long time, but this one is tempting me.... I have all the other ones, so maybe I don't need it. But it is a good one! on point

though I didnt consider I pulled the trigger for sure!

Need another to add to the collection and soon enough; I'll have enough Ugly Shirts n Sweaters to wear everyday for every December, forever =P



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Since this will only been worn about a month out of the year, I'm going to order it and take a chance it will survive at least this Christmas. I don't have much hope for it lasting 2 seasons.

Hopefully next year there will be better quality blanks so I'll be able to replace it and my 2008 and 2009 versions that are too big. This purchase will have to wait till payday on Friday.

I had hoped I'd receive my recent random shirt before this came out so I could check the size.


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Wait it's on the front page for $12 or the Ugly Sweater page for $15.

I don't know.


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Will already be planning on wearing a holiday sweater at a family party. Now when I get warm wearing that (since grandma has to have the heat on so darn warm!), I can go short sleeve in this lovely attire and STILL be wearing an ugly holiday sweater.

We'll be doing a cash prize for the ugliest sweater, so hopefully this will put me in the running.



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Where can I buy a long-sleeved version of this year's ugly holiday sweater?



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Boggins wrote:Where can I buy a long-sleeved version of this year's ugly holiday sweater?


Aw, we just had a sale for those. Sorry you missed it.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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If Woot shirt sales suddenly spike in the weeks leading up to Christmas, it's partly because I'm wearing my ugly sweater tee shirts, which my friends and coworkers adore! I then give them the URL so they can get their own ugly sweater shirts.

Personally, I'm thankful to woot for having these because I used to have to wear actual ugly sweaters and be uncomfortable on top of unstylish! (why people insist Oh Making you wear hot, Stuffy sweaters to a hot, sweaty party boggles me...)