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Practically anyone can look at this a see what it "represents", the Earth's continents. Sure a lot of details are missing, but I find the pun and execution rather clever.

I believe baked beans are considered part of an English breakfast, and given that many American type people are known to eat pizza for breakfast I'm certain it's not unheard of to eat a hot dog for breakfast. It's not much different than a breakfast sausage, just different processing of the ground up meat.

I'm amazed at how many expect this to be a completely accurate representation of a global map. Either that or most of you are just being silly teases and you actually realize how ridiculous you all sound.


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jsh139 wrote:Isn't that Australia?

and isn't that coffee?

All the world's a stage; make sure you have good pacenotes.


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kiela wrote:Where in the heck is Canada??

Everyone knows that's not a real place...

why are you reading this


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asanderd wrote:This is actually a typical british breakfast. They usually include potatoes. They call them Bangers and Mash. :0)

bangers and mash != breakfast. Nor is anything here bangers and mash. This is much more of an 'Murican breakfast.


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I think this is borderline racist haha.


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FFS they're bagel dogs. Or corndogs.

And Islam has at best a plurality in Africa.


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I guess global warming has caused Antarctica to disappear...

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do shirts ever sell-out anymore?


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First day sales: slightly less than 592 - dijay, can you help us out with the first day sales figure?

RIP A.A. Blanks (Obituary)


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First, sorry for not having answered yesterday...

The Idea is to show different breakfast items to show a new concept of "Continental Breakfast". Must work together, not my intention to be a super realistic world map. And the food choice is made ​​from the viewpoint of the composition. Each typical breakfast food that Integrates the continent can better adapt for Their shape, not Their relation. I hope you understand what I mean.

And Neuropsychosocial, the first day sales have been exactly 587.

Thanks everyone!!!


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tcneon wrote:Sorry, but the concept just doesn't hold together for me. And that circle in the lower right side is just confusing.

I believe that the circle is a cup of coffee on a saucer. Look closely and you can see the cup handle outline.


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pupyluvr wrote:This is what happened to Florida


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With our election history, I'm glad the bugster bunnyman is helping us secede from the rest of the country.