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teenracer6 wrote:
Feel free to play the original Apple II version here:

I did not need to see that link to the old Apple games. Goodbye, productivity for today!


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blatant rip-off of the other familiar oregon trail shirt on the 'net.


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Can any one tell me if the hoodie is worth it? 25 isn't bad but i don't want to buy a scratchy fabric.


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Now I understand reason behind Oregon Trail lol


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Orb99 wrote:I'm afraid to ask what color the Awareness Ribbon is.

A brownish red I'd think


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Great design, Kevin! Congrats on the print.


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Ah, now here's cause I can get behind. But not directly behind of course, because I could catch something.


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mmorjon wrote:No surprise that Minnesota is one of the top buying states, The Oregon Trail was created there.

Edit: Also, we need a shirt about the awareness of people killing 2000 pounds of meat and only being able to take 150 pounds of it.

No kidding, why dont they just MOVE THE WAGON TO THE MEAT?



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NCZarza wrote:T-Shirt creator must be a Person of Interest fan. No way this is a coincidence...

I did ponder if the show's props and playback effects department had to find a old PC and fire it up to get the screen shots.


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teenracer6 wrote:
Feel free to play the original Apple II version here:

Wow! I finally made it to Oregon! After all these years of dying, I finally made it. I never knew there was a little arcade river floating section right before the end.

OK, check that off the list - now to beat Spy Hunter...