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Got what I wanted last week, but I have little hope for two in a row. My pick is:

Baku (The Nightmare Eater) by ste7enl

I've picked quite a few shirts like this, but I didn't see a lot that I liked and I do really like this style. It's very reminiscent of Drakxxx and Crescentdebris (like one I just bought at CaptainKYSO). I really like the details and all of the small elements that are incorporated. I think the style is a bit disjointed between Baku and the dreamer and I'm not a huge fan of the shape, but it's a really solid offering overall.

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I know, it's in the fog...but this really is my favorite and there's no way I won't buy it if it prints.

I adore the details, I think the concept is funny, and I keep aquariums...including a reef angler.

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