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wisetara wrote:The Maya. Your people are the Maya, not the Mayans. And that's also why I'm not getting this shirt. I'm okay with fun inaccuracies about the world ending, but the Mayan people are called the Maya. Not the Mayans.

Yeah, sorry. English is my third language. This is correct.

Grammatical issues aside, it's also just painfully ironic that the name of the shirt is "Still Alive" and 98% of the time I have to tell people that the Maya are still alive at all since terrible history classes have convinced people that we're all dead. We're not.


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Even though I checked American Apparel's size chart, this shirt is ridiculously small. Like, I thought it was a kid's shirt rather than a junior woman's size. I love woot's shirts but this size is ridiculous. I'm giving it to my 10 year old, it happens to fit him pretty well.


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Can this be printed without the text? It's soooooo cute!


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woottoady wrote:Truth: We'll see this one in the next "random shirt" shipment.

Yep. Thankfully I also got a dark side of the moon with it.

Shuaka wrote:I want this shirt without the text. The Earth and Moon image is really cool, but I feel the mayan thing is gonna be way dated in just a few months.

I thought "Oh this shirt is cute! " then I read the text... ugh. Anyone know how to remove the text?