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Poll: The most rad shirt would totally have...
  • 19.3% - A big ol' wyvern straight breathin' some lightning fire 140
  • 5.2% - A huge barbarian warrior fightin' some evil skeleton 38
  • 32.9% - A nine foot tall valkyrie princess with huge...weapons 239
  • 10.9% - A wizard shootin' water magic out of his fingers 79
  • 31.8% - A jungle scene but then you look between the leaves and you see some super sweet eyes like it's a tiger or something in there 231
727 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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A veiled reference to an 80's movie and/or cartoon.


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Dudes. ALL OF THAT on the SAME SHIRT, framed by some wicked-sharp black-highlighted lightning-silver lettering, titling a concept album about nordic and egyptian godlings banding together on black-jungled Mars to fight star-devouring necromantic horrors from beyond time and knowledge with the power of METAL.


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Something without any commercial refrences - no trademarks or logos. Period.

Ah, the hell with it.


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A picture of me..


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Those all sound like shirts for people that live in their parents basements.


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bblhed wrote:Those all sound like shirts for people that live in their parents basements.

I live in my OWN basement, thank you very much.

And breathing lightning is neat.


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I WAS KIDDING! Not the jungle scene! Please, not something with big cute eyes...


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... A tag saying 'American Apparel' !!!


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mdkopper wrote:A picture of me..

wearing that very shirt. Recursive...very meta.


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Puns = victory.


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elsupreme wrote:... A tag saying 'American Apparel' !!!

As the resident shirt nerd, I'll be honest here - a design printed on a good shirt does not mean I'll automatically buy it.

OTOH, even a great design on a shirt I'm not fond of means there's a good chance I won't buy it.

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Glow in the dark ink + shiny metallic highlights. Pun also a plus.


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curtisuxor wrote:wearing that very shirt. Recursive...very meta.

You're wearing a shirt with a picture of mdkopper?