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I posted this over in the deals.woot forum, but I realize there are many shirt.wooters that don't frequent that side but would be intereseted in this. Here is the deals discussion. Here is what is happening with How We Roll:

Wil Wheaton announced on his blog that he is going to be in a SuperBowl commercial. In the blog post, he posted a picture and explained that even though you couldn't really tell, he was wearing (and would be in the commercial) his How We Roll Hoodie that he designed for shirt.woot!
How cool is that?

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That's pretty cool! I'll be watching, pulling for my Falcons!

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This is pretty cool! As I mentioned on deals.woot, maybe woot might want to Woot Plus "How We Roll" in conjunction with the Super Bowl? I'm not sure how obvious the design will be in the advertisement or how motivated people will be to figure out where to buy it, but Wheaton mentioned it in his blog with a link and that might drive some traffic over! (And if he knows it's being reprinted and he's being paid commission for sales, he's savvy enough to promote that in his blog.)

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From what I understand designed is an extremely generous word.