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High Flying Viking

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Ha! Yes, cream. I like how cheerful the pilot looks, but obviously he doesn't see how close the tip of the tail is getting to the flames.

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It's the original Flying Ace the Red Baron, er, Viking!

I'm amused by the whole thing, esp the zigzag squiggle arm hair. I'm not sure why I noticed that.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages doughsk8er

I'm incredibly jealous on so many levels.

I can't imagine myself being so happy with a butt palm like this guy has.



quality posts: 590 Private Messages bluejester

I've heard of steam punk, but I have a feeling this shirt could launch a new era of Nordic-Punk themed devices and cos-play.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Aratorin

It's very Samurai Jack style.


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This would've been yet another Norse-themed buy for me if it wasn't for those horns on the helmet


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Just think... if the Vikings had discovered Naval Aviation!


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Two words: VIKING GOGGLES!!!


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Aratorin wrote:It's very Samurai Jack style.

I had the EXACT same thought when I saw it!

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"Honeydew, Awaayyyyy!"


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I had to have one. I love the zigzag arm hair, the butt-palm, and the self-combusting dragon.


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That viking couldn't figure out how to train his dragon, so he built one instead.

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I love the color!
It's saying "Good morning, lets burn some a little village down!~"


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I really like this shirt! I love the happiness visible in both the Viking and his dragon. I love the colors, love the details.

Nice job!!!


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