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I'm going to have to go through my purchased list and post a picture later when I'm not on a phone, but I want to start the conversation. Woot's unveiling their shirt of the year choice tonight (I think), what's yours?


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I didn't get many tees this year (which is not a statement on what was printed, nor the change to Anvil, nor the price increase!) but of those I did, Nightmoth remixed on purple is my favorite.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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I didn't buy much this past year either, and most of what I did buy came from side sales and were old designs in new formats. But I did get a few new t-shirts, and two of those are tied for my best of the year. They have joined my hallowed roster of Most Frequently Worn t-shirts.
They are Troubled Waters and Interstellar Kitten Pizza Party.

Troubled Waters is a favorite because of my reasons listed in an old post, namely, that "[i]t is AWESOME. Very seriously and emphatically a special sharky shortbus of uber-archi-coolness...
It is charming and silly and totally an existential ballad about the zero-sum brain-battle between the false yet persistent Realities of Now, Is, and Being. Just, you know... #WINNING!!1!1" So basically dumb but awesome and that makes it fun to play "what philosophical quandary is ShortbusShark contemplating today" every time I wear it and I get to laugh at myself and my thoughts and the world, which are never bad things at which to laugh.

Interstellar Kitten Pizza Party is just... it's perfectly absurb, amusing, has lovely texture, a naif sweetness, and looking at it feels like I've been going through old boxes and came across a construction paper masterpiece made at summer camp years ago and all the feelings of warmth and childhood silliness that comes with it. Plus it's printed on AA purple from a special side sale, further making it seem like that last huzzah evening bonfire of fading summer, where the fireflies are dying, new friends are leaving for their long-distance homes, and there's a distinct chill in the air that makes it almost too cold to stay and party, so everyone huddles around the fire and talks a little too quietly and laughs a little too sharply but there's enough summer left for the goodnight hugs to be just as strong and warmly felt as any goodbye would where you're fully convinced that you'll all see each other again soon and it'll be exactly the same and even better, yeah. That universal feeling of nostalgia and saudade intertwined. That's Interstellar Kitten Pizza Party for me.


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I can't even begin to followup a writeup like the one above me, so I'll keep it simple.
I've only purchased 4 shirts for myself in 2012 that weren't reprints. Two of which were instabuys:

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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goldenthorn wrote:... But I did get a few new t-shirts, and two of those are tied for my best of the year. They have joined my hallowed roster of Most Frequently Worn t-shirts.
They are Troubled Waters ...

I second Troubled Waters. I made a big jump into the shirt woot waters this year, with most of my purchases coming in 2012. I'm not traditionally a tshirt wearer and I'm making an effort to wear them more often so I can wear more awesome ones. Troubled Waters is one that is in my "wear on the boat" rotation, but is so totally awesome that I wear it out in general public as well. I always get compliments on it and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

forever fighting the urge to buy something just because it is cheap and cool...wait, it's cheap and cool, let me click that big yellow button!


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My favorite shirt is uniCONE by Walmazan. Of all the shirts I have this one gets the most compliments.


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I'll chime in with The Artist:

It was the first Woot shirt I ever bought, from the first derby I ever entered. I just think it so clever and stylish. And very pink, which for me is a little conforntational - something I like in a t-shirt.

BTW, who's trevorstearns, and where did he go?


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Gah! What a horrible question to ask me!!! I'd have to say all 42 of the shirts I ordered for myself! But, if I had to choose just one?

Recurring Dreams by Walmazan. I got compliments on it at the monthly meeting when I wore it to work, and almost every customer that day also complimented it.

Unfortunately now, half of the people in my life can look at a tee I'm wearing and tell me if I got it on woot! or not. This is a sad thing, lol!


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Well, now I'm a little sad that I didn't get Interstellar Kitten Pizza Party, but Totally Awesome Deer the remix got my purple dollars. Waiting for the suB is a favorite; I miss CrescentDebris in the derbies (and Drakxxx).

I'm giving myself categories so here's my year in shirts:

The Offering -- mysterious and cool

Seasonal (in place of pop culture): Spring To Life -- simple and yet vibrant

Artist I bought more shirts of than expected: Randyotter -- fun. Love Carrots (Glow in the dark zip up hoodie???!!?) and the popping colors of Rad-ish.

Animal: late entrant Past Your Bedtime

Amuses me and like my Angry Day hoodie cheers me up by externalizing grumpiness

Nearly all the shirts I remembered that might fall into the art/pretty category were reprints from a plus sale. So for me, that was a category shirt.woot was lacking in this year.

Surprised to realize my favorite overall shirt, so very can't resist a pun me is: The Little Things. Got me through a summer of having scheduled far too many rehearsals by both allowing me to be mostly privately amused and reminding me that science can also be used for comedy (and not just destruction.


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I really should be sleeping right now ... but anyways, even though I don't own the shirt (and in true fashion, procrastinated on getting the hoodie TWICE now), my nod for shirt-of-the-year goes to Fishbiscuit's Procrastination University. It's a timeless design that probably resonates with many of us, for better or worse.

My personal nod goes to Dijay's I Want to Fly. Somewhat melancholy, but the aspirations that the kiwi has provides a strong and inspirational message.

My "most-worn-for-a-new-design-in-2012" shirt ended up not being a Woot shirt at all. Ramy's cheery Giftbox Turtle was my shirt of choice throughout the Holiday season and managed to bring smiles to others from its excessive cuteness.

Among the events in the past year with that were not so well liked, there were still times that did bring out the best, like running Purplepalooza!. But the very most special thing that happened for me with shirt.woot in the past year ... meeting someone as near and dear to my heart as Neuropsychosocial.

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I'm pretty much in love with Pip-squeak

In addition to reminding me of Maus (which continues to be one of my all time favorite graphic novels) this shirt wins in my book for it's perfect color scheme and excellent dynamic layout.

Runners up would include:

Experimental Music which never fails to receive a plethora of compliments when worn.


Not Like the Others because I totally identify with the red monster in the bottom left corner.


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Personally, my favorite would have to be Too Many Cooks by SpiritGreen - every time I look at the shirt I giggle at the fox's expression :-) But, I must give a nod also to DoOomcat's UnNinja! Poor little ninja!

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