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With the All Designs now being a permanent addition (afaik), is there a way to favorite or mark shirts that you perhaps plan to buy in the future?

I mean there are tons of woot shirts I wish I could have, but I simply cannot afford every single one, but maybe one day...



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I concur! As it is now, I have to make a list with a pencil & paper. So archaic!

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What's wrong with just bookmarking each shirt page with your browser?


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Nothing's "wrong" with it. I simply wanted to know if there is a way to favorite them. However, it seems not from the responses. I think it would promote more Woot purchases though, so I see it as a positive change if it were to happen.


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I've seen people make boards on pinterest for their favorites and future purchases.


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Narfcake wrote:What's wrong with just bookmarking each shirt page with your browser?

Asking if something is a possibility isn't the same as implying that all possible alternatives are "wrong."

I think the ability to mark All Designs shirts as "favorites" or to create a wish list would be a great feature from woot's perspective because I suspect people would be more likely to impulse-purchase a shirt from a wish list than from Pinterest, and I think impulse-purchases from a browser bookmark would be least likely of all. To encourage impulse-purchases, there should be as few steps as possible between "Hmm, do I want this?" and "Here's my money." If I had to deliberately decide to open my bookmarks, scroll down to a "Woot Shirts" folders, mouse down to uncollapse the subfolder, mouse over to the subbookmarks on the side of the main bookmark menu (which always fails and the bookmark folders re-collapse), select one, then go back and repeat to open another shirt to decide which one I impulse-wanted, then go back and repeat... I'm not even close to clicking "I Want One." If every time that I clicked "Add this to my wish list," woot redirected to my newly updated wish list - and I thought, hmm, what's on here? should I change the order of the shirts? - woot has primed me to be thinking about "which of these shirts do I want most?", bypassing all of the moments when I would have the chance to think "I really don't need this."

Also, it is easier and more accepted to email a wish list to a significant other or family member than to send them a series of bookmarks.

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A wish list would be awesome. I don't always care to share my shirt buying choices. Sometimes I share shirts that are awesome, but I don't want to buy for myself. A wish list would bridge the gap.


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I was looking a for a wishlist feature today as well.


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I'm still waaaaaiiting... this would be a great and painless investment for you, shirt.woot


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This would indeed be a great feature. Especially if I could share my wishlist link with my family, so they would have an idea of what to get me for my birthday.


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Amazon allows you to save non amazon items to your amazon wish list. You can even note the size.

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