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Design Spotlight: How We Roll

I didn't choose the DM Life, the DM Life chose me, baby. Hate the House Rules, not the player. I keeps it real and I represent mad dice rollin' homies. And Wil Wheaton.


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Wil Wheaton! Get your Wil Wheaton clothing right here!

If you don't follow him on Twitter, you should. @wilw

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Oh hells yes! Best shirt EVAH!

So, had to get a matching hoodie and maybe a matching tote. Cause that's how this gamer rolls.


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After Will Wheaton bashed Woot when his shirt was in the Reckoning and he wasn't notified? Wow...


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Volunteer Moderator

Will, I enjoy your pet pictures on twitter!

No greater love is lost than that not shared.


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Wow, I just spent last night watching all the PAX live gaming vids on YouTube. Timely shirt is timely.


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How We Roll was my first ever woot! purchase, for my husband. When the first hoody was available, I got him that, too. Now I'm thinking he needs a tote and maybe a long-sleeve. Oh, hell, put me down for one of everything and a couple for myself, too.

Be quicker of mind than of tongue.
Opinions are not advice, nor directives.
The world is not limited by your limited experience.
I'm not better than anyone else, and neither are you.


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See Wil roll, see Wil lose. But he and Felicia Day have "Girl Power!"