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AWESOME WORK! congrats!


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OldGlory747 wrote:I'm going to venture that it's just meant to be appreciated by clever people.

Flipit wrote:Yeah, it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist...

Except that it isn't "clever".

Someone already posted a version of this shirt that makes the joke in a way that is obvious at a glance (the space shuttle is midflight) That is what a good novelty shirt will do, deliver its message with one look.

Even if I have to stare at this shirt to understand its nuance (cause nothing is more awkward than standing still while someone figures out your shirt) there are multiple things here that don't make sense. They've been mentioned already, I won't repeat them. If the idea is I have to look at the details to understand its brilliance.... well, the details is where this concept falls apart.


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Thank you very much to all. For those who haven't liked this I can only say I'm sorry and I hope that in future derbies can surprise them with something they like. And others just say that I hope you enjoy it.


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drfine wrote:I don't know about the Skylab do-hickey but there is a new and improved telescope to replace the Hubble. It's the James Webb Space Telescope. However, it won't be launched until around 2018. (as per Wikipedia).

Yes.... that is what they are saying. But they have cancelled quite a number of programs. Remember the Aries program?


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