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I've managed to buy two shirts on this color Anvil blank.



Another on some blue variety, which shows the same symptoms as the light gray.


And several other on different colored Anvil blanks. Most recently:

The fit, length, and neck line is DRAMATICALLY different between the light gray (and blue) and all of the other colors I currently own. The neck is all loose and the shirt is short on the light gray. On the others, the shirts are still short, but not quite as much.

What gives? Am I just not paying attention to the sizing charts? Am I foolish for expecting the shirts to be consistently sized across colors?

I'm trying hard not to piss and moan about the loss of AA blanks - especially since I had no real affinity for those either; but some of these Anvil blanks aren't worth a damn.


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I bought one light blue and one and one dark gray one in a Men's Medium and the blue one is larger than the gray one.

No idea why, at this point I am just ignoring it because they all are a bit baggy on me so I don't really care about a small size difference.