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Poll: You wear prescription glasses?
  • 31.1% - Yeah, and I love em! 601
  • 22.2% - Yeah, and I hate em! 428
  • 14.8% - No, but I wear contacts! 286
  • 4.6% - No, I don’t but I wish I did! 89
  • 27.3% - No, I don’t and I’m glad! 528
1932 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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I do not like that I need them, but I'm grateful to live in these times where I can have such excellent protective (I mean corrective--was thinking about how they double as shooting glasses) lenses. :-)

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I am so blind without my glasses. I love em, being able to see is a good thing.


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Why isn't there any "No, I do not need glasses" option? :/

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I wish I needed them! I look killer in a pair of corrective lenses!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mdkopper

prescription glasses?

I get them in the Dollar Store.
Dose that count?



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I used to wear prescription glasses. My vision was horrible (around a -11). Then I had surgery (ICL, and a follow-up Lasik procedure) and now I can see!

And yes, part of my reasoning was so I wouldn't be the person in the zombie apocalypse (or other horror scenario) who dies because their glasses get stepped on or knocked away and lost forever.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages ladyloerya

I wear glasses. Tried contacts, didn't like them - too much trouble. But I have a great time picking out crazy or odd pairs of glasses. I've had my superman glasses (blue), my Sally Jesse Raphael glasses (bright red with pointed corners), my medusa glasses (they had, literally, sculpted medusa heads on the arms), my disco/bling glasses (covered in gems and quite reflective to those around me). Of course, the classic big black, square glasses are a fav - that's what I have now, but a little stylized. I tried a pair of basic metal ones ONCE... couldn't stand them. I felt too serious!


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I've had glasses since i was five. For a long time, they were of the thick bifocals in dorky huge wire frames variety. I got such a complex about them that when my mother gifted me with hard contacts at thirteen, I refused to be seen outside my room in anything but those damned hard contacts for ten years. Then my eyes changed shape enough to wear normal contacts, but I discovered the world of fun, pretty glasses and lost interest in contacts. I now have nines frames, two of which are sunglasses. I'm always on the hunt for more. (I actually have my eye on a couple of frames in particular, but we'll see when I can budget them in.) I do have a few pairs of contacts in a cabinet for emergencies or dressing up, but I'm lazy and just stick to matching my glasses to my clothing for the day. I have finally embraced my four-eyed destiny. (It helps that I look better with them on than without.) My eyes are currently -5.50 on the right and -5.25 on the left, with the left still a bit astigmatic. They actually improved significantly over the last couple of years (used to be -6.25 and -6.00). The Dr. says it's because one's eyes plateau at about 30. I think it's because magic.

Here's a crappily-lit cell photo of my current lensed collection:

And now you know.


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I hate them, they stop me from having fun out of fear of them breaking.

I am saving up for lazer eyes! That'll show them.


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im one of those unfortunate schleps who has keratoconus and has to wear hard lenses and often need to wear glasses as well.


--its the Shendy principle


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I have better than 20/20 vision! I have exceptional sight and often amaze and amuse my 4-eyed friends with my long distance reading prowess.

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I have them (smallest script available) but I don't wear them...


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I also have a very light prescription (mostly just an astigmatism) and generally don't wear them. I used to need them most when driving, but now I travel exclusively by public transportation or car-pooling, so I rarely need them.


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I think that glasses are interesting and can look attractive, but I'm still glad that I don't need them yet.


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I would like the option not to wear them. I don't really hate them, but I hate that I can't see without them.

And I can't wear contacts and be fully corrected, because of the type of prescription I need (prism-strabismus). Oh, and my head is a hair short of 25 inches in circumfrence... Which mean finding womens glasses that fit me is a bit harder than finding a needle in a haystack.


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I used to wear glasses. I was almost blind without them. But my brother and I got Lasik surgery done, and I haven't had to wear any glasses other than sunglasses since then.


quality posts: 5 Private Messages sharonkay

Didn't have a choice that I needed ... I have a contact to wear ... but I also have prescription glasses ... I wear the contact whenever possible.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages kralo

can't afford health insurance right now... can't afford eye exam or glasses. Cheap reading glasses are working just fine.


quality posts: 16 Private Messages balisane

I wish my prescription wasn't so heavy (i'm close to legally blind) or that I could afford surgery (yay being a student), but otherwise, I feel okay in glasses.

I always have to have hipster frames due to lens thickness, though, even with ultralights, and they're far too expensive (lenses alone are $350) to have more than one pair. Alas.