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I use my Legendary Beany or Cecil tote fairly often. It's on natural, so any dirt/grime shows. So...I washed it.

It shrank. I wasn't sure, but I held it up to my Hungry Hungry Games tote and the latter is about 2" larger on each side and the top (held the bottoms together to measure).

Just a warning - don't wash your totes!


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Anyways, it's typical for canvas materials NOT to be pre-shrunk. Even for 100% cotton products that are labeled as such, it still doesn't really mean that they won't shrink (cough*anvil*cough) - just that they won't shrink as much (okay, you can stop laughing now).

Wet it, then gently pull on it lengthwise, then widthwise, to relax back some of the fibers and allow it to regain back its dimensions.


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I've washed my Binge tote bunches. I haven't noticed any shrinkage, but I don't have another to compare against...and it still holds more than I'd need for lunch.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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Shrinkage of the worst kind:

Even has a shirt on Amazon!

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