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Dark Humor

If you can't laugh at the remorseless brutality of a cruelly indifferent universe, what can you laugh at? These tees, longsleeves, and hoodies remind everyone who sees you that the ultimate joke is life itself.


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I take it they didn't follow through with this C&D?

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Narfcake wrote:I take it they didn't follow through with this C&D?

Seeing as it's printed to order, I'd guess not.


I wish this was a reprint on a shirt, not a hoodie. I'd probably have to buy it.


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Illustrated Ratings Guide q.

Are they supposed to be Itchy and Scratchy from the Simpsons?

If they are, the R rating illustration TOTALLY fits.


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Narfcake wrote:I take it they didn't follow through with this C&D?

If that's the case, I wish they'd do the same with Xenophile... I loved that shirt, and I was heartbroken when the 2 that I ordered were noted as shipped, but then cancelled and refunded. I've been told they won't bring it back, but it still makes me sad.


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Why must it be $30! Gah, I want it haha!


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Got the He'll be OK light weight zip up. A little disappointed turns out light weight means see-thru and the design is so high on the back you cant see it because the hood is in the way. I should have just saved my money. But i love the shirts so much.