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Poll: Are you going to play Bioshock Infinite?
  • 3.8% - I already have! 41
  • 13.1% - I'm planning to. 140
  • 13.4% - I might. I don't play games so much anymore. 143
  • 29.9% - Nah. 318
  • 39.7% - What do those words signify? Is this a video game thing? 423
1065 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Buy me an Xbox 360 to play it on and sure, I'll give it a whirl.


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Come on over, just bought a new one to replace one with a failing drive. You can play too.

though you might have to buy the game...

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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Who has time for video games anymore? All my free time is sucked up on some website that keeps trying to sell me stuff and make me answer dumb polls... :-P


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I pre-ordered it from the Microsoft store, so now I have to wait to get it until Friday. The hoops I jump through just to get 1600 MS Points.


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LOL, I bought it on pre-order and waited FOREVER to be released. Even got my money back once just to repurchase the pre-order again later. Got it day it came out and fell asleep before I could play it. Now, I'm supposed to be playing it at this very moment but thought "I'll check email and woot first..."