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danncer wrote:Woot, please offer this as an extra long T-shirt that could be worn as a night shirt and/or beach cover-up.

I must agree, XLT Tee for me!

Lompoc, pronounced correctly as Lompoke. When you hear it on tv said as Lompock, proof they're NOT residents of the area.


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Re: Ultimate Book Club

Just wondering, but what are each of the books supposed to be? Clockwise from top I can see:
-The Monster Book of Monsters (Harry Potter)
-The Necronomicon (looks like the one from Evil Dead to me)
-Dr. Song's Journal (Doctor Who)
-??? (I'm drawing a total blank here)
-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy v2.0? (Duh?)
-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy v1.0? (Again, duh?)

Could you please clarify which books these are? I'm interested in buying it, but I don't want to not understand all the references...

Does anybody have a http://shirt.woot.com/offers/cloak-of-visibility-lightweight-hoodie in MXL and/or http://shirt.woot.com/offers/who-needs-gravity-zip-up-hoodie in MXXL that they don't want and/or need to sell? I would LOVE to buy it from you! I am currently offering $40+S&H for either one new, and $20-30+S&H for either one used! Please contact me ASAP, thanks!
B. D. Walton