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Design Spotlight: Wishful Thinking

There was only one rex and that was Rex-22, which specified that a wish for longer arms could not be granted until the lamp had been rubbed. The T-Rex wanted longer arms and could get them. All he had to do was rub the lamp and as soon as he did, he would no longer have short arms and would be able to rub the lamp. 


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W T F? Making fun of T Rex? They're slow to anger, but you're juggling explosives here.


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Is it even possible to see the thought-bubble on the tote? Seems like there's not enough contrast there, and I've had a similar problem with Nevermore in the past . . .


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I'm getting a real kick out of seeing this on different items in such an array of colour combinations.
Thanks for the design feature woot masterminds. T-rex would like to give you all a hug. The truth is he would like to give anyone a hug.