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I just had an idea. We can currently purchase our favorite designs on regular t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, tote bags, iPad sleeves, etc. but not on any household linens. I think the shirt.Woot! community could come up with some pretty great designs for sheets, pillowcases, comforters, other bedding items, and towels. I think it would be challenging to make the same design work well on both a t-shirt and king-sized sheets, but I think towels would be easy, especially beach towels. If you would like to see shirt.Woot! start to offer any of these items, please add a comment below. The more attention this post gets, the better chance there is of Woot! staff seeing it and making it a reality.


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It'd be cool, but I don't think shirt.woot is aiming to be the other 'Threadless' these days. There are issues with the core products as is; they don't need to create new 'problems'.

Besides, I've already been using woot shirts as pillowcases, pillows, towels, sheets, blankets, slobber rags ...

(Okay, that last one isn't intentional ... not that I can explain why my dog seems to only leave her drool on one artist's shirts either.)


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T-shirt ink(Plastisol) on towel = 30Grit sandpaper.


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Flipit wrote:... 30Grit sandpaper.

That's about the same grade as the shirts from some of the other sites.