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Artist Spotlight: Walmazan

There are some artists who are masters at blending in. They don't have a specific style they can call their own; they just do whatever. Walmazan is NOT one of those artists. Every time you see a squat little animal, or a laughing mountain, or food with a face, the first thing you think is, "that's definitely Walmazan." The second thing you think is, "I want that."


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This is very, very bad. This side sale is going to bankrupt me. One of my favorite designers = must buy half (or more) of these shirts!


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I bought today's shirt, along with the Fresh Cake and aVEGers totes. Ow, my wallet!


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I miss seeing the olive version of Fresh Cake but nice choice of designs. Raven on the tote looks good.


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Would probably be getting a "Fresh Cake" tote if it was a zipped one.


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Muy Beuno! Walmazan was one of the artists that got me hooked on woot shirts in the first place!

My bank account is going to hate me, once I get some money in it that is.


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Could not be more thrilled! Wait, yeah I could, if the Fresh Cake tee was available in purple. Oh well, I'm still in for the tote...


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wow look at all this stuff! congrats Wences!


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Woot and Walmazan goes together like cupcakes and eating cupcakes.

What a cool selection. Love the new design too. Congrats!


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Spiritgreen wrote:Woot and Walmazan goes together like cupcakes and eating cupcakes.

I first read that as cupcakes eating cupcakes , which reminded me of The Last Cupcake, of which I have 1.8 copies of. I do intend to rebuild the 0.8 copy too ...

What a cool selection. Love the new design too. Congrats!

Indeed! Just from shirt.woot, I have 31 of Wences' designs, plus several more from other sites. Counting the duplicates ... I HAVE NO IDEA!

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So happy to see this side sale (finally!!)-but how could you leave "Calorie Burning" out???? I know I can buy it digital-printed, but c'mon, it belongs in here with "Motivation" and besides, who can resist a carrot with a flame-thrower??


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So much Walmazan goodness! Congrats on the feature!


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Realized I am a Walmazonian with six shirts already in my arsenal. Now there will be more.


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Thanks so much guys for all your support!!! and Thanks so much woot for the sale! Its so amazing!!!