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Derby #303: Nightlife closed for voting at noon today. One of these designs will go on sale as our First Place selection on Friday - the rest could be selected by our Editors to print or just go down in near-miss history. Click on each picture below to see that entry's page, with a fuller view of the design. The final nine, in no particular order...

A Little Foggy on the Rules by CrescentDebris
Cosmospolitan by moosabman
city lights by kharmazero
Infinity Plus One by patrickspens
DJ Sol by cmdixon2
Bok Bok Party Wok by fablefire
I Breathe the Nightlife by BootsBoots
Hungover by ochopika
Ninja stars by harantula

Come back tonight at midnight to see (and, of course, buy) our first-place winner. Then do the same thing Saturday and Sunday morning. Please? Thanks for Derbying!


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"the rest could be selected by our Editors to print or just go down in near-miss history"

hmm I thought it said in the FAQ that the second place gets printed and then they choose a third print based off creativity/ adherence to theme... so now they print first place and then what?


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Oh man, that's a bummer. Even though its not some picture I get that the halftones "looks like photos" Where does it say you aren't supposed to use elements that look like photos? I saw it specifically said to include halftones which I did though seeing others' designs I guess that is no longer a requirement? Does this look anymore photo-realistic than the winning shirt?


Does this not include photogenic elements?


curious why it wasn't rejected sooner if it was a problem...
I guess I'm just worried it will happen again as I don't really understand how this is different from the elements in the above designs.

Design Guidelines:
Maximum 16" x 20" design dimensions
Use our official shirt templates as a guide:
PDF (0.2 MB)
Adobe Illustrator (0.3 MB)
Adobe Photoshop zipped (1.1 MB)
Use Pantone Solid Coated color swatches for your design or else we will have to convert your colors
Maximum of 6 spot colors
Gradients & Halftones:
Photoshop users, make certain that your halftones are 30 LPI or larger for a full-size design at 300 DPI.
Illustrator users, please submit your final art with gradients. We'll create the halftones on our end.
Each dot that makes up your halftone must be one solid color.
Your Design Detail & Shirt Comp images must show halftones.
Please e-mail your print-ready art to derby@woot.com