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The mail was delivered but no shirts. Oh well, tomorrow I hope.


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I got mine today, ordered 2 WM.

I got Keepers of the Shrubbery and Where Schroedinger and Venn collide ( the ven diagram with the cat head in the middle. Love Both!

I have been dying for the Keepers Shirt as I am a huge Monty Python fan. :D

Thanks Woot!


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Well, I got my randoms. One is the "leave a note" shirt and the other one is Star Wars-esque. So, I'm keeping latter.

I do have

All Men's 3XL, unworn, unwashed. let me know if you want to trade.

I may keep the olive green shirt, unless I get a good trade.


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I got awesome shirts

The one with 'that's why you always leave a note'

The one with the xbox death star and star wars fighter things

Then the Bazinga one (which I already have but it's good to have a spare).

For the lightweight hoodie I got the one with the cat, the genie and the cheezburger. I love the sweatshirt.

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