Derby #305: Inspired by da Vinci closed for voting at noon today. One of these designs will go on sale as our First Place selection on Friday - the rest could be selected by our Editors to print or just go down in near-miss history. Click on each picture below to see that entry's page, with a fuller view of the design. The final nine, in no particular order...

Study of a Drake Akhekhu by omarfeliciano
Volaticus Felix by patrickspens
The Divine Prrrrrrrrrportion by walmazan
A beautiful mind by harzack
Strength and Beauty, Forever by lyonscc
The Last Supprrrrrr by walmazan
The Golden Meown by csharron
The last supper by harantula
Awkward by phox325

Come back tonight at midnight to see (and, of course, buy) our first-place winner. Then do the same thing Saturday and Sunday morning. Please? Thanks for Derbying!