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kevlar51 wrote:Thanks a lot everyone! Sorry about the fluorine spelling--boo boo on my part there. I sent in a corrected file this morning, with any luck they can get that fixed, but gears are already in motion.

I kinda hope there was a first printing of it incorrect. It will be unbelievably valuable . . .T-shirt artists like you are the new American Modern Art Icons.

Just you watch.


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Stexe wrote:...technically the entire thing should be hydrogen and helium with everything else being nearly microscopic in size.

That's what I was going to say! It's an attractive graphic, but I think it's missing information.


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I would have been in for 3. No go on the Anvil shirts.


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Was in love until I saw the "caption" part with the "fig 1" is on it. Kind of steals from the artistic beauty and wonder of the rest. This takes it from conversation starter to science argument maker


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"the t-shirt can be considered "accurate enough." (that is until and unless somebody discovers an error)"

OK, got one - Flourine should be Fluorine!


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Where the hell is the AA option? Went to order this and saw anvil only.
No dice. They're thin and small.


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ciabelle wrote:Hmm, Neither one of those came to mind for me... The Tom Lehrer ditty was the instant inference I got. (Yes as a matter of fact, I am an old fogey, now get off my lawn!)

Dude, thanks for the link! I like Tom Lehrer songs.

The shirt is supposed to represent a supernova explosion, or the Big Bang? Sorry to be so obtuse.


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the center is filled with Jesus the creator