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I stopped by an AA store today to try on both the unisex and women's tanks and took some pictures! All shirts pictured are American Apparel shirts either from their store or from Woot.

For reference I am 36" at the bust, 28" at the waist, and 33" at the low waist (where my pants sit). I am 5'4" on a good day, so all shirts are a little long on me.

Unisex Tank. Impressions: The unisex tank ran true to size. I normally wear a unisex small, but it is a loose fit. A loose fit in the tanks does not work as it will show whatever you're wearing underneath. You should be able to get the same size tank as tee if you wear your shirts tight across the chest. E.g. for me the women's medium tee is tight across the chest but comfortable (see women's tank comparison for pics) and it's the same size as a men's x-small tee. However, the arm holes are low enough to show some of your bra probably no matter what size you get. I would be comfortable wearing the x-small in public since it really only shows from the side with my arms up. It also shows my bra straps due to how the tank straps cut in. A strapless bra might solve both these problems?

****Warning: I pulled the women's tanks up about an inch each in the front and back to take these pictures. They were indecently low otherwise. I am still going to buy several of them and shorten the straps myself. There is a seam at the top of the shoulder so it don't think it will be much trouble.**** Women's Tank. Impressions: According to AA's specifications, the tanks are a full 2" smaller across the chest than the tees. However the fabric is much thinner and thus stretchier. The tanks also seem to flare out a bit towards the bottom and are more forgiving across the stomach and hips than the tees. I am about to order three of these tanks from Woot and have actually decided to go *down* a size and order a small. The medium fit me fine too, so I wouldn't recommend sizing down for the faint of heart. As far as arm holes go, once I pulled the tanks up they fit better than the unisex tanks. I will definitely have to alter the straps once I get them and that loses me about an inch in the length of the shirt as a result.

Edit: Please share your own pictures (or verbal descriptions if you're shy). I keep seeing people asking about fit of various products on the side sales and it would be great to have somewhere to send them.


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Thank you so much for doing this! Do you have any comments about the fit of AA v-necks by any chance too please? Or does anyone else please?

My shirts available on Teetrade and WootStalker!


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Great idea and thanks for the start, Slarti59! Below are self-pics with a few of my woot tops. My measurements are 38-31-37, and height is 5 ft, 4 and 11/16 in. All shirts are worn as-is, no adjustments. I am wearing the same pajama pants and undergarments in all photos. Right click+view image for the full size.

A. AA unisex v-neck t-shirt, small.
B. AA unisex tank, small.
C. AA women's t-shirt, large.
D. Anvil men's t-shirt, small.
E. AA women's tank, large.
F. Cats.


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arryielle wrote:Thank you so much for doing this! Do you have any comments about the fit of AA v-necks by any chance too please? Or does anyone else please?

Stole this from Narfcake:

Men's t-shirts - Anvil 980
Women's t-shirts - Anvil 880
AA blanks, mens - American Apparel 2001
AA blanks, women's - American Apparel 2102
Lightweight hoodie - Alternative Apparel 1970
Pullover hoodie - Gildan 18500
Zip up hoodie - Gildan 18600
V-neck - American Apparel 2456
Long sleeve - American Apparel 2007
Unisex tank - American Apparel 2408
Ladies tank - Anvil 325 (no longer in use?)
Tri-blend tank - AA TR308
Apron - Augusta Sportswear 2720
Tote bag - Liberty bags 8861

Based on AA specs the V-neck and Tee should fit the same. The V is pretty deep. See here. Edit: Eh, doesn't seem that low from the photos above.


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Great thread to start! When I get my tank, I'll post the fit.


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Just got my first women's tank, so posting with thoughts on the fit. I normally wear medium in women's AA t-shirts, and based on the posts here I went a size down and got a small. That was the right decision.

The fit is pretty good, and if anything I think the S tank might even feel a bit looser than the M tee because it's thinner and stretchier. The only issue for me is the straps are a bit long, but once I shorten them I'll be set.


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I forgot to post! No pics, but my Large AA unisex tank fits me just like my AA men's large shirts.


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The AA women's tank fits my absurdly tiny person very well. The straps are indeed a bit long, but easy to fix. I just tied them up at the top and I think it looks good that way. You could sew them too, obviously. They are fitted at the top and looser at the bottom. This gives them a relaxed, tunic kind of look. They are also supremely soft and comfy with light, yet sturdy fabric. I'd recommend them to anyone who liked the AA WS t-shirts and yelled on the forums about needing a WXS. <.< >.> O.O Thanks, woot... it's something! (Might post a pic later)


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I'm wearing a Tri-Blend AA tank today. I shortened the straps by 3" (yes, I measured) to make it wearable.

I took an AA WM in Tshirts, the tank is a WS and fits comfortably, but on the loose side, now that I've shortened the straps. Definitely not fitted, but not bag-like either. Even shortened, it covers my hips, probably about 4" below the low-rise waistband of my shorts.

Shortening was pretty easy, and I would consider buying another if a design I really liked came up.


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Received my first AA tri-blend tank today. I spent forever reading through reviews on the AA website for sizing hints but found most of the reviewers to be much smaller than I am.

Ended up with a medium, which was the right size for me. For reference, I'm about 5'8" (with a long torso), 35" bust (34C), 28" waist. I normally wear US size 6 in tops. The tank is snug but not too tight in the bust, loose in the body. The angle of the pic hides it, but it would be a bit too cleavage-y if the neckline was any lower so I can see why so many have shortened the straps. Some side bra does show but I plan on wearing it for outdoor activities where I'll be wearing a sports bra or bathing suit so I'm not concerned. No idea how it will wash; it's quite thin.


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basavagelyon wrote: No idea how it will wash; it's quite thin.

I've washed mine about 5 times now and it's still in good shape. I can't tell any difference. I wash all my clothes on gentle and dry them on medium. I wouldn't put bleach in with the tank or dry it on hot though. It is thin, but well-made... not flimsy, if that makes sense.


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For science:

L->R is Men's Anvil Large, Women's Anvil Large, AA Tri-Blend Large

No bra on. 45" bust (36DDD), 36" waist, and seriously, don't ask hips. Postpartum figure.

Lengthwise they felt roughly the same, with the ML slightly longer. ML was roomier than either W cut. However, the AA tank is paper thin and the straps are gigantic compared to how much "coverage" you get (see: side boob.) If I tucked up the straps so that I could wear a bra, I'd be bare-midriff. It's a pretty odd cut.

I have an Anvil XL tank I could show as well, but none in a size L.


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After wearing the tanks for a while, I am very happy with the Small. It fits very similarly to the AA WM in the chest and is maybe even a bit looser in the waist.

I have actually *not* shortened the straps on mine. I guessing they lost almost an inch in length in the wash (cold wash with a low heat dry). I wear demi bras and the tank neckline just barely covers my bra in the front and leaves about an inch showing down the side. I don't think it's too noticeable if I wear a matching or nude colored bra.