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Artist Spotlight: BootsBoots

Did you know that, "Boots boots Boots boots boots boots Boots boots" is a grammatically correct sentence? No? Okay, let's try another: did you know that BootsBoots is one of the most prolific designers for Shirt.Woot? Of course you did. Everyone knows that. Just look at all her stuff!


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So kanashii that Viral Kawaii is not on a lightweight hoodie!


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Yay Jamie! I spot a couple new designs for this sale too.

(Disclaimer: has 21 different designs of her's from here at shirt.woot and other sites.)


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Aww, damn! I'm disappointed not to see my favorite BootsBoots design available here, Sperm Whales Make Great Seamen. That design on a ladies' tank, especially with the way the ladies' tanks fit? Oh, it would have been just too delicious! (Pssst, woot, please keep it in mind for a sea-themed side sale, eh?)


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Yay! Viral Kawaii on a tank! \o/ Easily the shirt I get the most comments on in the lab... Usually either "Wow that is so wrong," or "That is awesome and adorable!", but many times, both.

(gahhhh Woot, too many things in the side sales this week that I want *shakes fist*)


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Beep! Detecing high levels of awesome.


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I'm so tickled to be featured. Prolifically tickled! Big thanks to Travis for working with me and letting me put all the designs I really wanted in there.


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Yay for boots! Yay for "Something I must do" and "Don't look back.."!


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bluetuba wrote:Yay for boots! Yay for "Something I must do" and "Don't look back.."!

More importantly, yay to inspiring my beaver.

bluetuba wrote:A dam good beaver shirt would make for an awesome Christmas present for your shirt.woot fans! 2 birds with 1 stone!

beaver beaver beaver beaver beaver beaver


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Awesome, I had totally forgotten about that beaver, even upon glancing at him just now when looking at this side sale.

It's a dam good beaver shirt!!! Looks like I'm in for one..

bluetuba wrote:Well, I think it's a great idea and look forward to that beaver whenever he appears. :-D

though I shall grumble softly about having to get it on Anvil.

I do love a good pun, and feel like this beaver will get along nicely with this great whale pun!


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great to see the feature Jamie.


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Boots! It's about time that Woot got around to giving you your own sale.

In for "Something I Must Do"...I'm sad that I missed it the first time around, especially because now I have to buy it on Anvil. However, its awesomeness far surpasses the crappy canvas that it's printed on.


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I literally screeched when I saw "Something I Must Do". I missed that the first time around, and it's one of my all time favorite illustrations. I had it set as my wallpaper for over a month on both my phone and laptop.

I don't usually have much to say, so words from me mean you're doing something very right.


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I <3 BootsBoots and I must have her beaver shirt!

There. I said it.