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skatimmy737 wrote:A Hands of Blue reference but no Jubal Early? Why doesn't anyone ever remember the last episode?

lcatgoddess wrote:True! One of the best Weadon villains evah & no one seems to remember him.

Still buying tho...

Definitely not a Lost Cause! One of the coolest villians in all of fiction, let alone science fiction,* Early was named after Jubal Anderson Early, (1816-1894) General in the Confederate Army and ancestor of Canadian actor Nathan Fillion, of whom you may have heard.

Joss Whedon was once asked during a Reddit AMA, "What one thing you've written -- movie or TV episode -- would you pick to represent your entire body of work," and he answered "Objects In Space." You can really get a feel for the affection Whedon has for this episode when you listen to his episode commentary on the DVD.
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*Seriously. I rank Early WAY up there up with Hans Gruber, Hannibal Lecter, Heath Ledger's Joker, Nurse Ratched, Agent Smith, (the idea of) Rollo Tomasi, Keyser Soze, Hal 9000, Anton Chigurh and, hey why not: Adlai Niska, AND THE GORRAM REAVERS!


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gardamun wrote:a) Who cares?
b) It would look kind of hypocritical of Fox to come and defend the show that it kicked to the curb...
c) Good use of letter bulleting!

It may be hypocritical but there was already a big internet hullabaloo when Fox went after people making and selling Jayne hats on etsy and other sites. I don't think it was that long ago.


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datruedave wrote:I don't remember what the octopus might reference...



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datruedave wrote:I don't remember what the octopus might reference...

Someone is talking to her.


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My best guess about the Ninja is the Shield the the ninja. It isn't one of DoOomcats traditional ninjas, but it does kinda look like a ninja face.

I've zoomed the blasted graphic, looked around all the edges, looked around all the white spots that could possibly be eyes, so unless the ninja is the octopus or the dinosaurs, I'd guess he is the shield.


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Given how deeply blue Minnesota is, I expect to see more than a few of these shirts at this year's Can't Stop the Serenity event!

And lol at the varying hues between N and S Dakota.

Pardon me, would you have any bags of crap?


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