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Time again for another march toward t-shirt doom! Discuss this week's life-or-death struggle for sales supremacy as chronicled on the Reckoning page all week long.

Here's how the Reckoning week runs now: every Tuesday at midnight, we retire the previous week's lowest-selling shirts and launch this here discussion thread. Tuesday around noon we'll post the all-new, all-early Reckoning Recon. On Friday, we'll juice demand and prime the pump with a little weekend reminder post. Finally, on the following Monday, the Day of Reckoning post sounds the last call for the Reckoned shirts. All of those posts will be linked below. Monday night (or Tuesday morning), it starts all over again. The Reckoning, she is a hungry beast...


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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock with a bat and a Lizard. It's poetry folks!


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Shouldn't Nevermore still be in the Hamper of Fame? It may be gone now but it did last the longest of any Woot shirt to date. Seems like you are selling it short to remove it from the record books entirely.