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just realized today is my w00tday.

Happy 5th w00t Anniversary to me!


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Jestik wrote:just realized today is my w00tday.

Happy 5th w00t Anniversary to me!

Happy Wootiversary, indeed!


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manhandsha wrote:Happy Wootiversary, indeed!

Happy Wootiversary


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PemberDucky wrote:i'll forward this to the appropriate folks. sorry you had a bad experience.

just for future reference, usually feedback about shirts goes in our World of Woot Shirts section. and by "usually," i mean "constantly and without mercy." feel free to join in the discussions there any time!

awesome thank you i did get a new response and they are doing a re-order. man i love my woot shirts and i did not for any reason want to stop buying them!!! problem is resolved. thank you! i will post there next time i did not know to post there so i do apologize.


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bluejester wrote:Here's an image to help add a bit of context.

...and to heck with sleeping tonight.

Yes. :D