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If you are, that is. We've had some patriotic designs come through recently thanks to a derby, but I myself still prefer Walmazan's The Royal Shame for my go-to 4th of July shirt.


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I'm wearing this randomly selected from my closet.


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Nidhogg. Grabbed it to wear to sleep in and haven't bothered to change.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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Nothing follows.


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T-shirt version of this guy:



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The Reason for the Season:


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I chose the $5 Old Navy flag shirt this year since my favorite shirt to wear on the 4th is way too big, and irreplaceable at this time.


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This is what I found myself in on the 4th:

Shameful, I know! Haha
On the 3rd of July, this is what I wore, of course: