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While empty space doesn't have a temperature, an object in space will radiate away its heat energy until it eventually approaches that of the cosmic background radiation, so the shirt is not wholly wrong.

porlob wrote:Uh oh. Am I one of those people who goes onto comments sections to point out factual inaccuracies on tee shirts?

Oh no, I am! Please help!

Technically, space has no temperature, not absolute zero. Temperature is a property of matter, and there is no (or very little) matter in open space.

Despite what is shown in some movies, if you were released into space, you wouldn't instantly freeze to death. In fact, you'd stay roughly the same temperature. If space had a temperature of 0 Kelvin, spacecraft would need to generate massive amounts of heat just to keep astronauts alive and machinery functioning. But since there is no wind, etc., to carry away excess energy, finding a way to dissipate heat is a big challenge for the space program.

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werikblack wrote:Kinda looks like a rip-off of the Alderaan t-shirt to me.

I think they both stole it from my local news station. They've been showing stuff like that for years.


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SelfGovern wrote:Oh, are you an e=m((F-32)*5/9)^2 kind of person?

Wrong "c"

e=mc^2 c=3.00x10^8 m/s


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SelfGovern wrote:Oh, are you an e=m((F-32)*5/9)^2 kind of person?

I think they prefer to be called e=mfer. Though that also has the unfortunate side effect of putting 'your mom' in a lot of equations.


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For those that want an actual forecast for the local area, the National Weather Service does space weather reporting and forecasting:

And for those saying that space has no temperature because it has nothing in it... there is still very small amounts of stuff in pretty much anywhere we've looked. If by "deep space" you think of the area between stars, the interstellar medium can have temperatures anywhere from 10 K to 10,000 K to millions of kelvin easily. Because it is so thin, it doesn't return to thermal equilibrium easily by collisions or radiation, so most of it is far from equilibrium, and the heating & cooling processes are messy enough that in most places it stays well above the temperature of the cosmic microwave background (or in one rare example, stays cooled down to 1 K). The intergalactic medium can be even hotter. Even if you had a big bubble of no atoms, the photons from the CMB would still have a temperature as a photon gas. The temperature, composition, and precipitation (if you want to count dust formation or re-ionization of plasma) vary considerably from place to place in deep space.

Not to say the shirt is inaccurate, it is just clearly a depiction of the yet to be discovered Space SoCal.

(Warning: Only provoke a plasma physicist by claiming deep space is empty and boring if you are having trouble sleeping and need to be bored to sleep. Do not do so while operating heavy vehicles or dangerous machinery.)


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Ooooooooooo! The suspense! I can't wait to see next weeks forecast!

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rjquillin wrote:Space is by no means always calm...

By far, most of it is.


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Celsius? Really? No thanks.


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SelfGovern wrote:Oh, are you an e=m((F-32)*5/9)^2 kind of person?

but...that doesn't make sense. The c in that equation is not temperature, but the speed of light.

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Livinonedge wrote:Ooooooooooo! The suspense! I can't wait to see next weeks forecast!

Next week: cloudy with a chance of starship ; )


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Yay! Thanks for my first EC, Woot! I was so surprised and pleased to see it get picked! I guess the initial sale is almost over, now, and I'm commenting kind of late. I'm visiting family in Hawaii and being from the east coast, the time difference is so weird. I feel like I'm living in yesterday. Still... yay!


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