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At least, I assume, unless you're on some kind of a black list. Just don't ask me how. The ways of woot! are mysterious and be more like me is probably not the answer you or your loved ones would want anyway ; )

I am not a blip on the radar of most Woot! proper denizens so I thought I'd share here. Came home to a huge box waiting for me on the porch, a box full of amazing things on the occasion of woot!'s 9th birthday (but no cake). A really bright spot in a hectic summer so thank you, woot!, shirtwoot!, et alia. And many happy returns.

And yes, because I am a shirtwooter, the shirt with the monkey topped the exciting list, followed by On The Go Ping Pong.

*and if you have no idea what a Bricks of Chocolate is, see above and/or wait 'til the next wootoff and head over.


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Oh my but that is a mighty fine lookin' Bee Oh Cee. Verily like one from Ye Golden Age of Woot! Ugh, so jealoooooooooous...


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Hahaha, this is fantastic!


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Congrats! Enjoy your crap.

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Warning: Too much awesome to be contained in such a small space


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I love the note! Awesome!