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Seemingly Endless Summer

Have we decided on an anthem for this summer yet? Is it that Robin Thicke song? Or maybe Get Lucky? Whatever it is, Pharrell is probably involved. Grab some refreshing graphic tees and tank tops, and you can be just as cool as him! (Not true)


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I really like the shirts BUT the tanks are not large enough. Larger women like cute things too. I need a larger chest size please.


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I purchased this for my nephew who loves penguins in the past a size 4. Please note the neck hole on the size 4 t shirts are big. Of course for a little kid he loved it easy on easy off. My sister thought it looked a little stretched out and sloppy I have to agree but it was his favorite shirt.


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bolis wrote:... Please note the neck hole on the size 4 t shirts are big. ...

They're loose in like all sizes, so here's my fix.

No.1 rule of online apparel purchases: SIZING CHARTS! Unsure between standard and premium options at shirt.woot? Read more about their differences here.

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