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The Answer is Science

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quality posts: 211 Private Messages zekecatz

I didn't know pigs had such weird belly buttons.


quality posts: 19 Private Messages Mattroid

What's the question?


quality posts: 69 Private Messages massha10

Give a pig a ride and he'll be happy one time. Teach a pig to fly - and he'll be happy for a lifetime!


quality posts: 123 Private Messages safyrejet

I want to know what sort of science these Woot people are privy to, 'cause my science doesn't do all that stuff, except well it does publish papers about the weather. It does a lot of paper publishing.


quality posts: 69 Private Messages massha10

This shirt is awesome on so many levels. It is a science shirt. It is a do it now shirt - because pigs ARE already flying you see - if you want to take it that way but without beating you over the head with the message. It is a cute piggy shirt. Must buy.


quality posts: 5 Private Messages fasteyes

Mmmm...it looks delicious.


quality posts: 3917 Private Messages lichme


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quality posts: 667 Private Messages lonelypond

Oh, I needed that laugh. But the science part of my brain wants to know what's strapped to the pig's back.


quality posts: 14 Private Messages luke975
fasteyes wrote:Mmmm...it looks delicious.

exactly. call it what you want. a pig. or swine. or hog.
to me it's simply known as breakfast.

to the woot staff member that screwed up the back2skool code so I could get a lot of nice things for free - thank you.


quality posts: 290 Private Messages lstaff

I always KNEW it could happen!!!!!!

It pays to be an interminable optimist!!!!


quality posts: 16 Private Messages theimmc
lstaff wrote:I always KNEW it could happen!!!!!!

It pays to be an interminable optimist!!!!

Actually, it happened back in 2009. That's the year we had *cough* swine flu.


quality posts: 54 Private Messages kevlar51

congrats Wences! Great shirt!


quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen

I am digging the atomic beanie copter. Nice one, W!


quality posts: 6 Private Messages Jae87

Are the helmet and the seat belt connected? Or did Pig just wear it to feel safe? Maybe a parachute?

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quality posts: 207 Private Messages skatimmy737

I hope the fat rendering machine he flyies into strips away all that metal before slicing my bacon.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages jikkme

This shirt is blinding me with science. And bacon.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages drewdad

The answer is Engineering, actually.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages SDBVIII

Also relevant


quality posts: 20 Private Messages doodahbtfcc13

My bachelor's in atmospheric science disagrees with the last statement in the write-up.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages doggonewyo

I would TOTALLY buy this shirt if it was available on AA blanks.

Very fun!


quality posts: 8 Private Messages uhiforgot

I can't think of a way to express my thoughts on the size of that propeller without discussing coconuts and swallows.


quality posts: 56 Private Messages fishbiscuit5

Totally adorable! Congrats, Wences.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages TheGolux

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