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I want this in a black tank top Woot.
I want to throw money at you but ur not giving me what I want.


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If the designer would have combined this design with the character posing like "The Scream" I would have bought 10. LOL.


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safyrejet wrote:The problem I have with answering these sort of questions is that everyone's definition of "fit" is different. It's not just a body type thing either it's a personal preference thing. For example someone may like the super tight neck in some t-shirt brands while I can't stand that. Some like long shirts that sit below your hips and some prefer shirts that hang at the belt line, etc...

I personally love the way the women's shirts fit with the Anvil shirts. They fit me perfectly in the WS. Other's here will tell you that the Anvils are the most horrid thing on the planet and to them no shirt is better than an AA (which I find I can barely stand wearing).

Wouldn't the best thing to do is check the SIZE CHART, spend $12 for 1 t-shirt, then decide for yourself if you'd ever buy that brand again. Even an ill-fitting shirt can be wearable somehow. Plus I've had good CS with Woot helping me exchange sizes when I needed.

Good answer, and exactly what I did. I'm one who prefers tight and close to my neck for t-shirts. I didn't even know I was getting Anvil, nor did I care..until I got the shirt and out it on. The Anvils just seem too cheaply made, the neck stretches out too much, and there isn't enough belly room for beer brewers like myself. I think since Anvil, I've only bought a couplf of shirts for my fiance and my nephew.. The few shirts that had the AA option didn't appeal to me.

So as recco'd above, drop the $12 in your normal size. You'll either like it, or dislike it...but you'll know for sure if you have a preference for one brand or another.

P.S. - Hey Woot, bring back the AA option, and you'll sell a lot more shirts.

...i remain, he who remains to be...



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saquack wrote:PemberDucky: Is there any talk in the halls and conference rooms at woot! about switching back to American Apparel blanks? I continue to have hope, but I would like to know what the long term plans look like for us. Thanks!

The future is a mystery to us all.

What i DO know is that we kinda don't like it when these threads derail & become not-about-the-design. Sooo, i super-apologize if i have to delete some stuff, but it's not rly fair to the artist to monopolize the thread w/ stuff that's already covered in oodles of other (more appropriate) threads.

i know it's not an answer that ppl like, but that is what is true.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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re: point 2: Do not attempt to eat the work.

Did they intend to reference the immortal "Don't Eat the Pictures" Sesame Street special?


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Grats on the print lucky- has a classic look about it.


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Not mentioned by Woot, as far as I can tell, is this is tax-free weekend in Texas for any school supplies, including most clothing.

Look!... A distraction!


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Debating for the kids. The kids sizes in anvil are really oddly shaped, not sure. AA is just better.



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Thanks for the support everyone!


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I've gotten more compliments on this shirt than any other woot shirt I've ever ordered!


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hardaker wrote:I've gotten more compliments on this shirt than any other woot shirt I've ever ordered!

Me too! Love this shirt.


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Please make this an apron in a future run!