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I've gotten a couple of shirts now on which the artwork is printed too wide. The most recent, and most frustrating, is "Awkward" the shirt with the Leonardo da Vinci mirror script saying "If you are reading this you are spending too much time staring at my chest." The text is wide enough that it almost disappears under the armpits on a woman with a significant bust, which really ruins the effect.

It would be nice if the folks who set things up for production would remember that some women need wider margins for a shirt design to look good.


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I've also noticed that the last few shirts I bought had really big prints and just do not look good on a shirt styled for a woman. It was my mistake for not looking at the print size but I was not expecting them to switch to using the larger print on a woman's large when they have been using the smaller screen before. I ordered the Scarecrogh shirt but the print is so big it looks distorted when I put it on and my family even made a few comments about how it looked odd and didn't fit on the shirt properly. Even though I love the design the shirt is now on my donate pile.

I have ordered one more shirt but if it looks as bad as the previous two I got I may not buy any more shirts. I have already passed up two other designs I would have bought. Please go back to the smaller design for women. The big prints look bad on a women's large shirt.