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Game of Fries

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Another shirt induced post midnight snack craving but at least this one came with a laugh. The burger looks very content, ruling all it surveys.


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*Orders a mean-spirited milk shake to go with it*

Woot's Men's Smalls: A speck on a shirt that might be art. Don't bother...


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Let me guess....... that is the.... wait for it..... Burger King?

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What's next? Wolf Whoppers? Stark Shakes?


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ketchup please!


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You eat or you die.


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dacrete wrote:ketchup please!

Ketchup wedding coming right up.


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You know nothing, John Snowcone...


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King Geof-fry


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well done


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Again I say; please add a search filter for items available by type (shirt, hoodie, tote, APRON etc.).

I want a groovy apron, just not this one.


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Me: Arya kidding me? Are we Cersei going to do Game of Thrones puns? I should get up and walk right out Hodor. Nobody can Daeny this could get ugly.

Mike: I Rickon we are, but it might make us Bran dead. Just don't let it Robb you of your Sansa humor, or, like me, you will go Stark raving mad.


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No crown, so this must be the Ham of the King.

that's my time, folks


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It's the Fryorn Throne!


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Lord of the fries!


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how to i buys the apron? too late?


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Awesome, but why 'Game of Thrones'? I honestly thought the title was gonna be 'Burger King'!


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mwatsonpc wrote:how to i buys the apron? too late?

me too! i also wants a napron!