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Poll: My worst customer service experience has come at the hands of:
  • 20.9% - my phone provider. 151
  • 19.9% - my internet provider. 144
  • 15.2% - my television provider. 110
  • 32.2% - an actual brick-and-mortar store. 233
  • 2.3% - you, Woot! 17
  • 9.5% - Other (comments, please) 69
724 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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The worst possible customer service experience came from my corporate credit card provider. I now do everything in my human powers to avoid the company that rhymes with Race.


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Insurance company. Useless, money-grubbing, carpet bagging, exploitative, scum-sucking bastard demons from hell. Not that I'm bitter or anything.


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HP tech support. I was trying to get a recovery disc for my brand new computer, but the site didn't work after I entered my zip code (for... what reason?). The guy refused to believe me when I told him that I'd looked online and seen dozens of people complaining that their website was broken. Instead, he made me install a remote control program so that he could open the web page himself on my computer. Then when that didn't work, he tried to install another web browser to use that to check the website. He kept mocking me and asking me sarcastic questions. So I hung up, disconnected his remote connection, and removed the software. He called me and left mocking messages on my voice mail. I ended up just going back to the store and swapping out my lemon PC for a new one - it was just the first day I had it.


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Mortgage company! Admitted they had botched my mortgage calculation (in their favor to the tune of $135/month), but refused to fix it. Ended up refinancing.


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Verizon wireless.


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Time Warner Cable.

If I post the whole story I'll be here all night typing, but suffice it so say, I'd rather have USB tethering from my cell as my permanent service than have Time Warner again.

Thank heavens FIOS is available here!

"And the man in the rain picked up his bag of secrets, and journeyed up the mountainside, far above the clouds. And nothing was ever heard from him again, except for the sound of Tubular Bells."


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Banks. I travel a lot and I've had them lock my credit/debit cards so many times I have their "fraud prevention" and "customer support" numbers on speed dial.

In the words of Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper song "I Hate Banks" I want to see the bank president twitch in a ditch.


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Comcast! Damn pirates. Charged me for three months of service. I cancelled them three months in a row and they kept reinstating me and sending me a bill. Finally they sent me to collections! Still unresolved. My credit score went from over 800 to 600.

Still unresolved.


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jnelson203 wrote:Verizon wireless.

No surprises, on this one. Sprint is pretty bad, also.


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I see everyone has forgotten AOL.


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peanut butter jelly timeing usps, they should have a category all their own on there. Incredibly aggravating message system that keeps asking "DID YOU MEAN TRACK A PACKAGE" and had to get like 3 different numbers that they gave me to call, they couldn't transfer me, presumably because it was on a different planet.

EDIT: Ye gods yes we've forgotten aol, or at least I HOPE everyone has forgotten aol.


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Windstream- phone and DSL provider. Couldn't even have a tech drop off a modem, or tell me where I could pick one up, a couple days before I left for vacation. It was critical to monitor my reptiles' temperatures remotely, which required wifi.

Netgear tech support spent four hours on the phone with me that evening, helping me set up the modem and making it play nice with the router. I love Netgear tech support.


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The worst was when I went to the UPS store in Prospect Connecticut to ship some SCUBA gear for an upcoming vacation. Everything was going well enough until I told the man that I wanted my gear to be shipped ground to avoid problems that can be caused by being shipped in an unpressurized aircraft. You would have thought that I had just told this man that I was going to murder his family as he started yelling and screaming at me about how I had to ship everything by air and even though I was a diver and he was not I had no idea what I was talking about. Then there was some talk about get out of my store and performing sex acts with oneself. Needless to say I left, then I went to the local UPS depot where they were more than happy to help me pack and ship my gear ground.

Oh yeah I forgot the Escrow company that Wells Fargo uses, it appears that they just pay whatever they feel like on your taxes then wait for you to call and complain then they pay the rest of the bill.


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In-Store Verizon Wireless... The experiences are almost too outlandish to believe but ended in a manager desperately trying to defend their crappy service in-store!
A close second goes to the old Adelphia Cable, but they are gone now.


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Definitely the honors go to the USPS.


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I had a reaction to an antibiotic and called my doctors office after hours. The on call doctor--who never actually saw me--announced that I could NOT be allergic to the med, that itching and swelling of the tongue were not signs on an allergic response, and he refused to prescribe me anything else.

I think the worst was a car dealer, though. On Monday, I dropped off my bosses work vehicle to have the door fixed. The dealership told me the part was ordered, would be in on Wednesday. I called Thursday to see if I'd be able to pick it up. 'Oh, that's on nationwide back order, we can't get it until next Wednesday.' Ok, no problem. Next Wednesday arrives, I call, yep, part is in, you can pick it up tomorrow. Thursday, I call, am told they've been busy, it will be ready on Friday. I call on Friday, yes, it will be ready for pick up at 5. I arrive at 4:45...and am told the part is still on nationwide backup.
A few choice words and an escalation later, the car was fixed by Saturday noon. I think they pulled the part off one of the cars on the lot...and the guy I'd spoken with each time was later fired for lying to customers.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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I've had multiple bad experiences with health insurance carriers. For whatever reason, I've never had any problems with homeowners or car insurance (and have had claims with both), but health insurance providers drive me crazy.


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Verizon by far. The best comment I got from them was "it was in the fine print, you should have read the contract more completely."


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Ordering online from Gevalia. Messed up order, 5 attempts, 3 months, they never did get it right.


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Hard to tell. Most recent was United Airlines. <-- Terrible right there.

But all time may have been my "old" doctor's office. They messed up some coding, so my insurance didn't cover something. After sending me to collections (because I hadn't paid the $0.00 bill they sent me!!), the COLLECTIONS guy figured out what happened and helped me out! You know you suck when a collections guy is nicer than you!

Don't Panic.


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I got a really good place that female dog at Churches can shove my biscuits but it would be physically impossible to do so because they are both too dry.


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Ahhh that would be the offshore computer companies and now our cable company is doing it too



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Logitech. Screw those guys.


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It was hard, but I didn't actually read any of the responses to this one. I just have to say, most bad customer service experiences are brought on or created by the customer.

It's true, there are some bad employees out there, nobody is arguing against that. But MOST situations where customers THINK they are receiving bad customer service, in reality, the customer is in the wrong and simply failed to read or understand a store's policies.

Any situation is what YOU make it. Stop trying to blame others for your failings.

Note: I do not work in retail or anything like that. I'm in IT and I'm just a normal consumer of goods and services.

Note 2: I will not be checking back in on replies to this post.. so feel free say what you want, but don't expect me to respond. I could spend all day on a topic like this pointing out how Rick Roll people are about things, so I must to force myself to stay away.



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cycokiller wrote:It was hard, but I didn't actually read any of the responses to this one. I just have to say, most bad customer service experiences are brought on or created by the customer. ...

Fail. How is it the consumer's fault for being sent to collections for a $0.00 bill?! ... so by extension, you probably don't read Consumerist.

Yes, there's Not Always Right, but to blatantly paint the consumer as the one who's at fault just screams TROLL.


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Optimum. They even sent a dude to our house after our switch to try to convince us why FiOS sucks.

By the way, our upload speeds increased 10x. Woop!


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LOL, I know cycokiller won't be seeing this, but my bad experiences (and those I've read here) had nothing to do with customer fault.

I made a doc appointment for my husband to get more medication for his gout - he was in a lot of pain. Showed up and was told we didn't have an appointment and they couldn't see us. Ran around the office trying to figure out a solution so he could get his meds and relieve his pain. 45 minutes of this (I'm relentless and now it's past his supposed appointment time). They finally looked closer and realized they had SOMEHOW scheduled some 9 year old boy under a completely different name for GOUT. They tried to tell us since the appointment time had now passed, they wouldn't see us. After a loud display about THEIR incompetencies and now denying us care, they saw him.

Second worst experience was ordering a medium rare steak and it came out beyond shoe leather. Steak knife couldn't cut it. I showed the waitress just how burnt this steak was and what we had ordered. She looked at me VERY snottily and said "what do you want ME to do - I can't uncook it!!" I politely said, "I expect you to have another steak made - properly this time". She said belligerently that she would have to charge me for the second steak. I lost it and again made a scene about how they burned my food and wanted to charge me to fix it. Owner heard this loud display for the other customers and came over. He didn't charge us for the first steak (how nice of them) and made another that was well done. At this point, it was the best we could ever get from them. I also had to LITERALLY go back into the kitchen and explain to the cook how to make a fajita (which was on their menu). He kept serving me tacos.


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cycokiller wrote: ~~selfrighteous trollin'~~


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Back onto the topic at hand - Bank of America, which I probably don't need to explain.

On the opposite end, if my experience from the past several days is indicative (and judging by many reviews, it is), Pasadena Pets Veterinary Hospital gets my vote for the best service.


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MISRy wrote:I got a really good place that female dog at Churches can shove my biscuits but it would be physically impossible to do so because they are both too dry.

Maybe this will earn you your first quality post.


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Our Mortgage Broker. This woman and her team of disorganized lollygaggers, lost our financial records and paperwork so many times during our loan process, that I had a folder on my laptop titled, "Sh-t Elaine Lost."
We finally got the loan closed, and a year after we'd been in our house, she called my husband up - "Hi, I show here that you were interested in getting a mortgage through us last year, are you still interested?"

Followed by - we refinanced last year with a streamline loan. The good faith estimate showed a much lower escrow amount than we were currently paying, so I called them up and told them they must be missing something. Nope, they checked, checked again, and triple checked! Everything is FINE... as a matter of fact, your last escrow/mtg was overestimating your taxes!
NOPE. They totally missed that we own 2 parcels, even though I told them just that. We ended up having to pay in another thousand dollars into escrow a few months later...

Do NOT get me started on Cable/Satellite providers...


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Insurance companies. Allstate has been the worst offender in my experience.


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gtg187y wrote:Insurance companies. Allstate has been the worst offender in my experience.

You mean the same Allstate insurance, which simply wanted to total my car (at a higher cost) instead of accepting that I didn't mind used OEM parts, which would've shaved several hundred off the total repair bill?!

Thankfully, State Farm, the opposing party's insurance, was willing to listen to logic. My car was fixed, and they incurred a lower payout. Needless to say, I didn't renew with Allstate.


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ComCRAP Cable and then Verizon when I used them as my landline phone.


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A&E Factory Service is absolutely the worst.


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Microsoft program help.


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Water company... Dont know if I should mention what city, but its a ghost town across from the VAB...


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I've had bad experiences with Kaiser, Verizon (on the cable end, so far their phone side has been fine for us), American Airlines, Hertz insurance, and most recently Battdepot.com.


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Well the absolute worst was a brick and morter store. But they were also my phone provider at the time. Verizon Wireless was trying to charge me over $100 for a refurbished phone that they gave me 3 days prior, that broke. And this was way before smart phones. And it was a POS that new was only $70.

But close second was my internet/tv provider Comcrap.

I refuse to do business with either company. I even went without TV for 2 years because Comcast was the only provider in my apartment complex.

Oh and add on to that Wellstar Cobb Hospital. I went in due to a dog bite. They didn't even rinse the bite off or attempt to clean it. And I had to ask for an antibiotic after they were discharging me.