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Poll: How many Shirt.Woot shirts do you own?
  • 18.8% - 0, I'm just here for the polls 257
  • 21.3% - 1-3, I'm a dabbler 292
  • 31.8% - 4-10, I'm a fan 435
  • 20.1% - 10-30, the bartender here knows my name 275
  • 8% - 31+, hey do you know where I can find one of those clothing donation bins? 109
1368 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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30 was many central midnights ago...


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31+ ... 31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31 = maybe?


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Narfcake wrote:31+ ... 31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31+31 = maybe?

I figured you'd be here.


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I would have way more if I could get V-necks all the time!


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I have the original pre-shirt.woot PURPLE woot shirt with all the "I stayed up for this?" sayings om the back.

It is a treasured possession.
F5 forevah!


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I own 10-30 of the old shirts and 1 of the new. (Actually 0 of the new now since it wore out in a few months.) Please improve the blanks and let me know when you do.


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So many my wife has threatened me if I buy any more of them... thinking about setting up a PO box to receive them now. My kids have about 5 each.

Let's see the quality impulse buys!
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Contrarian by nature.


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Many...but they're almost all listed on my account, so that's a stat woot can generate on their own.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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I only have the one so far, but what showed up was so teeny tiny, I'll have to hit the gym something fierce to order another one. o_O

Don't Panic.


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I only have two for myself but I have gifted at least four to people in my family.


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66 total, 63 for me, 3 for my girlfriend.


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thumperchick wrote:I figured you'd be here.

It's like my specialty.

It is notable that a good number of mine were bought on the secondary market, hence the inability to use "stuff you bought" to gauge the actual count.


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I just checked my order history, I am well over 200 shirts (including ~30 random shirts) not including my wife's account. I order them mostly in batches of 3 for my three kids and sometimes I get my wife to order them if I want a family matching set.

No wonder we never have enough closet space.


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Volunteer Moderator

More than most, less than Narfcake.


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I have about ~33 shirts and or articles of clothing. I need to start buying more cause all of my old ones are starting to get worn out. I have come to realize that all my t-shirts are from woot. Am I addicted?


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Over both mine and my husband's account (all my shirts), 21. I can't believe I've spent that much on shirts.


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I must say the whole t-shirt thing can be addictive. See a design you like...
You know the story.

I have 12, including the 4 my girlfriend has and the sweatshirt that is on the way.


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I'm into the 50-something range. Wow. Didn't realize I had that many.

After finally finding a shirt blank that fits me so well I somehow have accumulated them. Now I'm starting to take out the shirts that don't fit so well (like the AAs) so I'll have room for more that do.


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lol my brother and i counted our t-shirts a few months ago, he had about 130+ and i had about 180+. and 95% of mine are on hangers in my closet.


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I donated at least 20 shirtWOOT! shirts to one of those bins about a month ago! I hope they go to good homes...

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smanchen wrote:I donated at least 20 shirtWOOT! shirts to one of those bins about a month ago! I hope they go to good homes...

If it's directly to a thrift store bin, then its odds of finding a second home is greater. If it's one of those donation drop boxes that's operated by a for-profit operator, then maybe not, as their operations typically just bale textile products to be resold bulk and reused (cut up) as rags.

FWIW, I do buy rag bags from time to time (it can end up even cheaper than paper towels) have found woot shirts before.


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holy crap I had no idea how many I actually own! well over 30, not counting the grab bags w multiples. so why can I still never find a thing to wear??

oops, pardon me, i wooted


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61. Yikes.

x1Moar cat videos!


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Most of mine are all boxed and ready to ship to Bolivia, but I'd say I probably have 80-100. Sadly, I only have about 10 or so that I can wear. The rest are way too big.