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Ultimate Cagematch (The Force vs. The Ring)

Two series. One with strange creatures and swords. The other with strange creatures and swords… wait for it… made out of lasers! If they were to fight, fist to fist, storm trooper to dwarf, who would win? We don't know but we plan on finding out the only way we know how: with an all-out apparel showdown! WHO'S WITH ME?!


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when, oh when, will darth meow reappear?


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PLEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSE keep this shirt in stock until next weekend PLSSSSSSSSSSS i want it bad...or even better turn this bad boy into a zip hoodie with the image on the back...i dont get paid till next week uggggggggg


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0rca wrote:when, oh when, will darth meow reappear?

It might not here at Woot, as the contract was for one year. The rights have since reverted back to the artist, @NBlottie, and he is free to submit it elsewhere, resign a contract with Woot, or simply retain in his portfolio now.

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