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So this week, Woot is selling random blanks ... on three different sites. Something strange in the neighborhood? ...

Scenario #1: Gloom and Doom!
- Shirt.woot is shutting down, and in the process of paring down inventory as the buyers might not care for such stock or the logistics thereof. If left to continue, some operational aspects will change. If dismantled, a potential buyer of the catalog is Threadless ... and that's about it.

Scenario #2: New supplier coming in ...
- We need shirts even cheaper than they are now. Nevermind our customers that have been complaining for the past year and a half, there are still plenty who haven't complained yet! Manufacturers paying their workers $13/hour? $1.25/hour? We're aiming lower!

Scenario #3: Super spotty stock showing shirt shortages.
- We have a dozen left in this one color, in one size. We have an abundance of this other color, except in one size. Selling tank tops in a side sale might not work so well come winter, so lets see what we can pawn off without doing much work other than packing them.

I was called out by a mod for assuming ... which I'm not. Did I have strong feelings on the onset? Yes, but thinking of it more, if there were behind-the-scene issues going on, there would be other indications. And running new bags is not one of those indicators.

Spotty inventory is my most plausible reason now. They've expanded the product line so much that there's probably a good amount of chaos there, and selling randoms is one such way to sort of reorganize and restore some order.

So what's your take?


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Why no scenario #4 - an upcoming return to the glory days of shirt woot.

Nothing follows.


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taternuggets wrote:Why no scenario #4 - an upcoming return to the glory days of shirt woot.

Returning to AA would be so awesome. I really miss the old shirt fits. Possibility?


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bassanimation wrote:Returning to AA would be so awesome. I really miss the old shirt fits. Possibility?

Considering that one of the offerings are random AA blanks, it's unlikely. I don't think they bought up that much extra inventory. Without a change in the leadership, the glory days are long gone.

If the next derby is back to normal, we'll see if folks came because they care or simply for the prizes.

On a separate note, I'm still soured by that last experience ...

Random? Yeah ...


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In my head (a scary place) I am leaning towards a slightly modified Scenario #3 in that they are trying to balance out size and color inventory before placing the next order for blanks. That and as previously stated getting rid of tanks before winter when they will most likely not be included in the plus sales (like not too many pull over hoodie offerings for the last 3 or 4 months). Possibly a manufacture change for the totes (pure speculation with no inside info) as the reson for including them. Again, just my thoughts and I am probably wrong like I usually am when I try to guess what TPTB are doing

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thumperchick wrote:I'm going to hope for a supplier change. Bring on Bella!

For guys, my experience with Canvas 3001 and 3001u (USA made) is they suffer from the same neckline stretching as the 980. For the imported blanks, my limited experience showed inconsistencies depending on country of origin.