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safyrejet wrote:I saw the over the shoulder character, but I wasn't sure if it was a Sherlock or Who character. I'm not really caught up on either of those shows. I know they exist, I've seen a couple Who episodes, but that's it.

I just thought of it as the Doctor showing Sherlock what he was going to do, and Sherlock agreeing before he jumps out.


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So, I bought the Alice Through the Blue Box (name may not be accurate) t-shirt and the shirt itself is of the lowest quality, the body of the shirt is super thin and the binding at the neck is loose and shapeless right from the start. The graphic is great, but the shirt itself is not going to last. It's my first Woot T - so I may just have a lemon, but keep that in mind if you haven't ordered one before.

...anybody want a peanut?


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My wife is English and has introduced me to some real quality programming from across the pond. You can find these if you know where to look, and they're all worth your while. Not including any I've already seen mentioned:

* Mock the Week (comedy panel show and the funniest show I've ever seen, bar none -- 30 minutes of non-stop laughing)
* Have I Got News for You (similar to above)
* Outnumbered
* After You've Gone
* Only Fools and Horses
* Little Britain
* 'Allo 'Allo
* Dad's Army
* Keeping Up Appearances

* Waking the Dead
* Cracker
* Doc Martin (could also be lumped into the comedy category)
* Luther
* Whitechapel
* Spooks (aka MI-5)
* Wire in the Blood
* Life on Mars (UK version, not the short-lived US version)
* Hustle
* Ripper Street
* The Sweeney

That's just a sampling, not an exhaustive list. As someone else already mentioned, the nature/science/documentary shows from the BBC are top-notch as well. We cancelled cable about 6 months ago and aside from a few good American dramas, most of our TV viewing is British programming nowadays.


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I don't know if someone already said this, but I would call it The Reichenbach Falls No More.


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Can I have 10 of these?


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I LITERALLY lol'ed when I saw this. Haha. Spoilers. ;-)


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We would for sure be in for a design with the Silence or gas mask zombies. My 11 -yr-old loves the sentarens (don't know how that's really spelled--it's the potato guys)!

Any Sherlock reference, be it literary or TV, appeals to me. Love that detective and all of his stories.


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rdjuras wrote:Can I have 10 of these?

Do you have a few good friends?


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pozzowon wrote:Top Gear

your point is ambitious but rubbish.

What's the point of a signature? Everyone can see who wrote this, over there, to the left.


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"Josh Wheldon"?


Who are you people claiming to be sci-fi fans? smh

PurplePawprints elsewhere


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Xenarocks wrote:Moffat- Killing your favorite Characters on BBC all over Time and Space....Moffat is the British Josh Wheldon!

Josh Wheldon? I really hope you didn't mean Joss Whedon and just never bothered to double check the name of the person you were referring to.


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ktbea38 wrote:And now I want an "are you my mummy" so bad. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

So...something like this?


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Xenarocks wrote:Moffat- Killing your favorite Characters on BBC all over Time and Space....Moffat is the British Josh Wheldon!

Oh... this kinda hurt... I hate that I had to correct it...

*Joss Whedon


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rglee129 wrote:I dedicate this tee to the "Who Crew," which is the Doctor Who fan club for whom I'm the faculty sponsor and with whom I watched my first Doctor Who episodes last year, and also to my awesome wife, who showed me Sherlock last year. Thanks, gang!

This is the best design, man. Buying for my daughter who is a big DH *and* Sherlock fan - she's going to go nuts. Thanks!


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Makes total sense :0


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safyrejet wrote:Sometimes there's a scarf, fez, or bowtie. ;P

This little Sherlock character "survives" but he still has x eyes and blood? when he hits the ground. I guess the doctors dropped him hard.

Oh and I've not watched Sherlock or much Dr Who either. Does this shirt count as spoilers?

When the TARDIS apppears lower, there is the Doctor and Sherlock inside the TARDIS, the man falling out of the TARDIS is already dead. Hence the X eyes in mid air. Sherlock is safe with the Doctor.


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How that episode should have ended.


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theco2 wrote:I'm about tired of Dr Who shirts, already. Always the same old thing; Daleks or Tardis and every once in a great while, the Weeping Angel. Is that all there is?

It's better than all the cat t-shirts...


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Love the shirt design, hate the quality. The shirt shrunk to an unwearable size and the neck stitching has unraveled after the first washing. This seems to be a continuing issue with the Woot Shirts that I've bought.


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I have no idea what get exported to the the States, and I've never watched the shows you talk about, but of the top of my head these programs are as good as anything that's produced anywhere:

-The Thick Of It
-I, Claudius
-Yes, Minister
-Fawlty Towers


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This shirt makes me irrationally happy. :D


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pozzowon wrote:yeah, about your comment...
two words: Mr. Bean

what? not convinced yet?
well, from Britain, the greatest thing ever put on tv ever ever......
Top Gear