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Poll: It's that time of year again, when everyone ranks their favorite albums of the year. Give us your top 10!
  • 16.2% - I will! In the comments! 81
  • 83.8% - I won't! Because I hate music! 418
499 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Sallie Ford - Dirty Radio


And Sharon Van Etten


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I've actually been working on my list for my blog. Narrowed it down to 100 albums. Here is my top 10:

1. Lucrecia Dalt – Syzygy
2. Aidan Baker – Already Drowning
3. Jenny Hval – Innocence is Kinky
4. Julianna Barwick – Nepenthe
5. Colleen – The Weighing of the Heart
6. Broken Deer – Polaraura
7. Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day
8. Zola Jesus – Versions
9. Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Two
10. Félicia Atkinson – Visions/Voices


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I don't think I listened to any of this year's music...except maybe Arcade Fire's new Reflector...oh and Five Iron Frenzy's new one. I must be one of those music haters.


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Brad Paisley. Enough said. That's all that mattered this year.

Oh wait, Jeremy Camp put out a new album too. Now at least my list of albums is plural. I could probably think of more but I don't know if they'd be new from this year. I'm really not keeping up with new albums.


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Not much for albums, but I can do songs from albums released in 2013, in no particular order:

'Wagon Wheel' Darius Rucker
'Closer' Sara and Tegan
"How Long Has This Been Going On' Gloria Estefan
'Any Weather' Joan Jett
'Done' The Band Perry
'Let It Go' Demi Lovato
'Shoot To Thrill' Halestorm


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Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
The Lonely Island - The Wack Album
Atoms for Peace - Amok


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I think the only album I've listened to from this year was "The Next Day," and I can barely remember it.


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In no particular order:

Adria - Corti Organ
Norther Glacier - Miroslav Vrlik
Skylarking - BT
Feel - Rene Ablaze & Global Influence
Heavens Gate - Running Man
Neon - Sander Van Doorn
New York Duende (DJ Pitch & XiJaro Mashup)- Snow Patrol vs Johan Ekman & Araya
Reflections - Luke Bond
In This Moment - Andy Duguid
Cosplay - Steve Brian

Why did I write this again?


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I don't even know that I bought 10 albums this year, but of those that I did, here's what I enjoyed the most.

Eminem - MMLP2
Matt Nathanson - Last of the Great Pretenders
Walk Off the Earth - R.E.V.O.
The Lonely Island - The Wack Album
Lenka - Shadows

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My favorite rapper is the one who shoots Kanye.


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Los Campesinos! - NO BLUES

Avocado, Baby! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-M_m1I1uKU


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In no particular order:

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt
NIN - Hesitation Marks
Arcade Fire - Reflektor
Foals - Holy Fire
The National - Trouble Will Find Me
Ballyhoo! - Pineapple Grenade

That's about it I guess.


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My #1:
Bad Religion's Christmas Album.

You can't beat the irony.

Thanks to up-to-the-minute tracking, I don't track my package so much as stalk it.


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I generally don't listen to a lot of the music that has come out in the last few years. There might be a couple albums from my favorite artists that came out not too long ago, but I'm honestly not sure whether it was even this year.


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I can only give a Top 5...

1. Clutch - Earth Rocker
2. Monster Magnet - Last Patrol
3. Listener - Time Is A Machine
4. Deep Swell - The Lore of the Angler
5. QotSA - ...Like Clockwork


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Who hates music?!

In no particular order (I feel old):
Gary Numan - Splinter
Carbon Leaf - Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks
Skinny Puppy - Weapon
Ultravox - Brilliant
OMD - English Electric

I'm sure I've forgotten some.


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These are some of my favs this year:

The National - Trouble Will Find Me
Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow
Atoms for Peace - AMOK
Arcade Fire - Reflektor
NIN - Hesitation Marks
Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day
The Civil Wars - The Civil Wars
Sigur Rós - Kveikur


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Rolling Stones - Let it bleed.
Beatles = Sgt Pepper
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of Moon
Doors - LA Woman
Mamas & Papas - Mamas & Papas
Donovan - Sunshine Superman
Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks
Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
ELO - On the third day.
Jimi Hendrix - Experienced
That's ten.
I forgot: Albert King - Born under a bad sign.
Hmmm... There's more....