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Congrats kevlar. I want this as poster so I can throw my pillow at it some fine Monday.


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Yeah... I often save, walk in circles around my bed, and grind xp to prep for mondays... grats man- rad idea.


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A shirt for the entire workforce!



quality posts: 3895 Private Messages lichme

Hard to pick between my love of coffee, and my love of sleep.

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quality posts: 12 Private Messages charwoman

LOVE this design. I'm severely limiting my new shirt intake however, and can't justify this one because I am lucky as nuts to be scheduled for regular telework on Mondays. Very nice, though.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages sandyannn

What is this thing called "WeekEnd"? I know it not.
Coffee, however, I know very well indeed.


quality posts: 352 Private Messages Narfcake

Congrats on another win, Kevin!

lichme wrote:Hard to pick between my love of coffee, and my love of sleep.

How about the love of coffee while you sleep?


quality posts: 51 Private Messages fishbiscuit5

Congrats Kevin! Great shirt.


quality posts: 53 Private Messages kevlar51

Thanks very much everyone!


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knows the answer. Connect snooze button to coffee machine!