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Lister22 wrote:I also want to know why there aren't any kid sizes available.

It looks like they were only able to source adult sizes for this shirt blank, AA purple. They didn't have kid's sizes for yesterday's shirt, either. Sorry.

Teeler wrote:I can't add it to my cart either! ARGH! I love this shirt!

It is working for me in Chrome. Perhaps it's fixed?


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Confirmed - the site seems to be back up! One shirt on its way.


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thumperchick wrote:It is working for me in Chrome. Perhaps it's fixed?

Yep, my sister just ordered it for me as she was on the site and I was walking my dog.


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A Purrrfect Purrrple Balokcat Shirt!!! Congrats Wences!!


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thumperchick wrote:

I keep looking for a Tyler-peen


Grats on the print Wences- Couldn't be cuter-


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Congrats on the print Wences! I'm so happy I could cough up a hairball (maybe even an Epic Hairball 😹)

I'm too sick to put in the url on my smartphone, thx in advance to anyone who does!


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congrats Wences!!!!


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Argh, I'm so torn. It's really not my style of t-shirt to wear, but I really love the design. I guess the best I can do is comment and say, "Great job, Walmazan!" -:]

If (or when) they offer this on a poster or journal -- or maybe an apron -- I'll probably bite. -:]


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I was hoping they'd print this one. Walmazan + AA = purchased!


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No kids sizes?


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I really want this as a hoodie --- can I get that?


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I'd really like if this shirt can also go back into print, I really like it as well! I love woot, and thank you guys for being awesome!

From a happy customer!