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Artist Spotlight: Qetza

Some people go for the super goofy, over-the-top cartoony style. Others, like Qetza, prefer to be a bit more subtle. In a way, Qetza's designs are like the Pixar movies of the graphic tee world. They're tame enough for the kids but interesting enough for the grown-ups too. Check 'em out. We think you'll like 'em.


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Congrats buddy, I'm a fan ;)


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Great collection--congrats Qetza!


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You rock, Q!


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What I would give for the Reading Rocket Ship on a jersey zip hoodie, one of my favorite designs ever!

Being a small girl such a large design doesn't work well on a t-shirt


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Thanks everyone! Thanks Woot! It's nice to see "Commander in Chef" offered as an apron and the hoodies look great!

@climbingthestars - "Reading Rocket Ship" would make an awesome zip hoodie. I hope it happens one day.


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"Reading Rocket Ship" is such a solid design. My son wears it frequently, which suits me as I get to enjoy seeing it a lot. Congrats on the spotlight, Qetza.


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Most of these would make great tattoos. I love the one with the astronaut and the balloons, and the coffee one. These would look great on someone's shoulder or back.


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1) Reading Rocket Ship is one of my favorite prints ever.

2) Perhaps this is a stupid questions (I've all but guaranteed it is, now) but isn't Reading Rocket Ship usually available in the "all designs" category for $15? What's the point of it being here?