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Poll: Dinner out: menu or buffet?
  • 86.3% - Menu 777
  • 13.7% - Buffet 123
900 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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I don't like buffets.


quality posts: 123 Private Messages safyrejet

Too many food allergies. I can't do buffets. Can't do most of the menu either for that matter.


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It depends on the buffet, really. Usually, we go to a menu place, but if I'm in Vegas, I want a buffet. We've got a really good buffet by our house, too, which king crag legs and sushi/sashimi that's actually as good as a sushi restaurant. They've also got a tepan grill that tastes as good as Benihanas and also a Brazillian meat carving section (that isn't as good the local Brazillian restaurant...of course that local Brazillian restaurant is delicious and has been featured one of the Travel Channel's "Pig Out" episodes.


quality posts: 62 Private Messages manhandsha

I would never do a buffet ever again. I had strange step grandparents as a kid that dragged us to Old Country Buffet every other Sunday. Gross. Menu all the way.


quality posts: 11 Private Messages ambergreen

Zoopas...that's buffet. I'd go there. Not sure about any other, though. Only ones I know of near me are Old Country and a 'Chinese' buffet that I have been warned away from. Yes, you know the reason.


quality posts: 9 Private Messages ardubu

Buffets remind me of pig troughs.

Ah, the hell with it.


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Buffet for Chinese food only. Menu for everything else.


quality posts: 61 Private Messages PocketBrain

I looooove me a buffet. And that's the problem. Easier to eat a healthy diet with a menu. Problem with "All you can eat" is that I take it as a challenge to invalidate their business model.

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Buffet is nice on occasion, but it really depends on the location. Some places...well, I wouldn't eat there from the menu either, so it's not an issue.

Ordering from a menu usually means takeout. Eating at home is nicer, even if I didn't cook it.

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Can't eat at a buffet any more. I get overstuffed and feel bloated for two days. Too many options, too small a stomach.


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I love a good pizza buffet. Regular buffets, for the most part, are not very good. However, the upside to going to the homestyle cookin' buffet is to do some people watching. You can see some very interesting people at the buffet.

One exception to the buffet thing is the Sunday Brunch at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. At $50 a head, its pricey, but the food is SO WORTH IT! You do have to eat until you're literally 1 bite away from puking it all up just so that you feel like you got your money's worth. Crab legs & shrimp, steak, Eggs Benedict made to order, various cooking stations making your food fresh, etc. Definitely not the trough style buffet.


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Our second favorite Italian Restaurant does a Pizza Buffet that is great. They also have a large salad bar that could be considered a buffet.

edit: We did do the buffet at Lady & Sons (Paula Deen) in Savannah - meh.


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Its a matter of who I'm going to dinner with.


quality posts: 667 Private Messages lonelypond

Generally, it's lunch out and menu, unless it's the monthly trip to the closest Indian food buffet, also lunch. Alt dinner food is takeout grabbed on the way home from rehearsal someplace that's still open and/or on the way.


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Paying for a buffet is a big waste of money for me, as I usually only see a few things that look good enough to eat & even if there are a lot of good choices, I don't have a very large appetite. Also, a lot of the time, the stuff has been sitting on the buffet table so long it's pretty stale & nasty. So I prefer menu & then I can take the extra home.