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Fat Owlbert

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I wonder if Bill Cowsby is in for one?

I don't know.


quality posts: 573 Private Messages lordbowen

Owlbert needs be careful he's not mistaken for a turkey.



quality posts: 242 Private Messages dacrete

Hope the branch doesn't break!


quality posts: 13 Private Messages testudoaubreii

The puns, they slay me.


quality posts: 568 Private Messages lonelypond

Hey, hey, hey...this is a hoot (and a half) ; )

New Surfing Lightning panels up: help from a tree.


quality posts: 123 Private Messages safyrejet

You missed my fav show, reruns of Everybody loyes Rayven.


quality posts: 42 Private Messages tsfisch

Retro shirt with a really bad pun? JUST TAKE MY MONEY WOOT!

(I'm in for one, obviously)


quality posts: 7 Private Messages feloniousacronis

He's not fat, he's just big-feathered.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages davedoy

At first glance I thought the owl was saying Hooodor.

Maybe that could be a shirt too.


quality posts: 105 Private Messages oakenspirit

Where's Thrushmouth? ;)


quality posts: 207 Private Messages skatimmy737

Strange. This design is so ridiculous that it made a full circle back into awesome territory.


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Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I am hesitant to buy ANY further sized items from Woot because my last order (for two robes) came with one the WRONG size and Woot has yet to respond to my email for customer assistance. I will keep posting this warning on apparel and shoes until somebody at Woot notices.

acpress.com Not cute, but useful.


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The pre-worn distressing looks tight with this retro style.


quality posts: 17 Private Messages ScottFromWyoming

The inflection is wrong. Should be Hoo Hoo Hoo-ooo.


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Why does "The Feather Channel" sound dirty to me?


quality posts: 41 Private Messages moles1138

DirecTV no longer carries the Feather Channel.

The Googler

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Why is the largest size for a Fat Owlbert shirt only 3XL? This is 'Merica!


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Fat Owlbird you mean?


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Just wow... Fat shaming is alive and well in the w00t community...


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Woot used to have good shirts.


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kimmacomber wrote:Just wow... Fat shaming is alive and well in the w00t community...

Uhm, do you actually GET the reference?